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Maximize Your Trade Show Impact: A Comprehensive Social Media Promotion Guide

Social Media & Your Next Tradeshow To effectively utilize social media for promoting your company’s presence at a trade show, crafting a detailed, engaging strategy that spans before, during, and after the event is essential. Here’s a revised, more comprehensive guide that incorporates best practices for leveraging social media platforms to maximize your trade show … Read more

What is a Fabric Backdrop Display? | Blog | Giant Printing

What is a Fabric Backdrop Display?

A fabric backdrop display is an innovative solution for showcasing your brand at trade shows, events, and conferences. Unlike traditional banner displays, the thin fabric smoothly wraps around the provided pipes, eliminating the need for standard grommets and “S” hooks. Instead, subtle ties fasten around the bottom of the pipes, allowing the fabric to cover … Read more

5 Senses of a Trade Show | Blog | Giant Printing

5 Senses of a Trade Show

Taste As a company who sells an edible product, one of the biggest selling points you can have is to have people try what you are selling. Having a backdrop won’t be enough. To sell to your client what you have created, it is all about tasting it. Entice those who are passing by with … Read more