How Your Booth Can Stand Out Among The Rest

If you’ve ever been to a trade show or any type of event where you walk by booths, think about what caught your eye. Why did you stop at a specific booth instead of another? Knowing why you do this will help you determine why people will visit your booth. Today, we are sharing with you some ways you can help your booth to stand out.


People Working Your Booth

When people first walk up to your booth, they want a memorable experience. However, someone in your face and following you around is not what we mean! Choose staff that is able to have meaningful conversations with others and know the material. Take time before the trade show to walk through different situations with your staff. This gives them the opportunity to know how to react and answer any questions people may have. If the goal of the trade show is to get names, emails, and phone numbers, train your staff to ask for that information first and then your staff can tell them more information about your company and why they should choose your product or service.

Have a Raffle

Raffles are a great way to receive people’s information, including name and email. You can not only enter them in for a drawing, but also send them eBlasts or follow up with more information for them. Have them drop off a business card to be entered or fill out a quick survey. To showcase these raffles or giveaways, let people know as they are walking by and have it as a centerpiece to your table.

Memorable Materials

How will people remember you and your company after the trade show is over? This is a great opportunity to have some marketing material that has your logo on it. Items that are easy to carry, memorable and useful are the perfect type of materials that people will keep – pens, pads of paper, or even play-doh.


With each event, you have the unique opportunity to sell your company and your products to each person who walks by. Make sure they remember you with the best first-impression possible. Travel to your next trade show with the ease and comfort of knowing you can keep your fabric banners in your carry-on. At Giant Printing, we pack our banners in a 5lb bag. Contact us today to learn more about our products today.