What is a Trade Show Backdrop?

A Trade Show Backdrop is a large graphic that takes the place of a Display, made of fabric, that is used to create a background for a booth or exhibit at a trade show or convention.

Why are Trade Show Backdrops important?

Trade Show Backdrops are important because they help to create a professional and eye-catching message that can attract visitors to your booth or exhibit. Backdrops can also be customized to showcase branding, logos, or messaging that can help your company stand out from the competition.

What materials are used to make Trade Show Backdrops?

Trade Show Backdrops can be made from a variety of materials, including fabric, vinyl, and paper. Fabric is the most popular because it is lightweight, easy to transport, and can be easily customized with graphics and logos.

Can Trade Show Backdrops be customized?

Yes, Trade Show Backdrops can be customized to fit almost any booth space in height or width.

How do I choose the right Trade Show Backdrop for my exhibit?

When choosing a Trade Show Backdrop, consider the size and layout of your exhibit space, the messaging you want to convey, and your budget. A professional graphic designer can help you choose the right colors and images to create a cohesive message that will attract visitors to your booth.

Can you make a custom-sized Backdrop?

Yes, we make them fit into your booth space even in the event the show is offering you an odd-sized space.

Are Trade Show Backdrops easy to set up and take down?

Our unique Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop sets up in just minutes using our supplied clips.

Can your Fabric Products be washed?

Yes, we heat infuse our inks into fabric so you can wash them in a washing machine.

Can I carry my Backdrop with me to the trade show?

Yes, our Backdrops fold down so small you can pack them in your suitcase.

How long does it take for you to produce your products?

We always ask for 8-12 business days, but since we produce all of our products at our facility we often have them ready sooner…and we don’t miss deadlines.

Can you make a custom-size Table Cover?

Yes, we do all of our sewing so making a Table Cover for your specific table is not an issue.

Can you make a custom color Table Cover?

Yes, our Covers start out in white and we print your specific Pantone color or colors. If you do not have a Pantone color, we will help you find one.