How to Select a Show Floor Location

The three most important considerations are:

  1. location
  2. Location

Although show organizers may tell you all exhibit spaces are created equal, this is simply not true. Some choice spaces on the show floor are a virtual guarantee for overflowing traffic, while some garner unwanted traffic…or none at all.


How do you know which spaces are prime real estate and which are isolation stations? Here are a few tips to help you select the perfect spot on the show floor for your booth.


Talk to the Show Manager

While some show managers may tell you all spaces are equal, most can and will highlight the best spaces at their particular venue. Moreover, because each show operates somewhat differently, it is always best to connect with the manager and discuss how show spaces are distributed. A wise show manager can point you to the prime space for your particular business niche as well as advise you on the location of competitors (more about this later).


Think Traffic Flow

At an American show, remember the normal flow of traffic on our roadways. Most people follow this instinct when entering a mall, store, and yes, even a trade show. Traffic will enter and move to the right front, then circle around to the rear, moving left, and finally back to the left front and the exit. The freshest show participants who are eager to look and experience what the show has to offer will be new entrants. Therefore, you should seek to obtain a spot near the right front of the show venue.


Aisle Intersections and Corners

Following the advice concerning traffic flow, it stands to reason that busy aisle intersections and corners on wide, main aisles will be busy areas. At corners you will have the opportunity to capture the attention of visitors on two main thoroughfares as well as those who congregate in wide open areas. If you choose a corner spot, be sure to design your booth with openings on both aisles for easy accessibility.


Avoid Your Competitors

Trade show attendees are primarily after information and rarely negotiate a sale on the show floor. Therefore, a spot beside your competition almost guarantees a showdown between booth design, staff professionalism, the quality of your information and giveaways, and more. A location removed from your competitors allows you to present your business and its offerings in a vacuum, so to speak. No other nearby competitor is vying for attention. And, if your booth makes a stunning impression, you will be remembered, and not in comparison to another similar booth.


Ask About Sponsorships

Depending on how the show is organized and run, becoming a show sponsor may open the opportunity to occupy a prime location on the show floor. In addition, if the show highlights you as a sponsor, it adds further credibility to your business as a serious player. Often, visitors look at sponsor booths as industry leaders and seek them out first.


Avoid These Locations


The suggestions above are great tips on choosing or acquiring a prime location for your company display on the trade show floor. Here are a few things to avoid.


  • Locations near the restrooms – Although some trade show veterans will advise you to choose a spot near the restrooms because of the traffic, it’s not a good idea. Think about the type of traffic you will see: Visitors in a hurry to use the restrooms and not necessarily looking for or even noticing your display. Furthermore, public restrooms generally have a sort of ‘ambiance’ all their own. Do you really want that associated with your company?
  • Locations near the food vendors – Again, some experienced trade show personnel will advise you to choose a spot near the food vendors because of traffic. And, again, you should think about the type of traffic such places attract. Hungry visitors seeking something other than what you have to offer. Moreover, the combination of food odors can create an unpleasant environment that discourages congregating and conversations.
  • Locations in the rear or front left of the building – As visitors become tired, they are willing to spend less time browsing or looking at displays. If your booth is located in a half-hidden spot or near the exit, much of the traffic you see will rapidly move past without pausing. It’s the downside of the American traffic pattern discussed in the tips above.


Don’t settle for poor or last-minute selections at trade shows, or leave your location to chance. Use these time-proven tips to capture a prime location and garner the most quality leads possible. Do you need more advice or assistance preparing for an upcoming trade show? Giant Printing can help with custom-made backdropspop-up displaystable cloths, and more for the perfect trade show display. Don’t settle for a mediocre trade show display for your business. Contact Giant Printing today for all your trade show display needs.