Fabric Backdrops

Trade Show In A Bag!

From Suitcase To Setup In Just MINUTES!

Fabric Backdrop, Weighs Less Than 5lbs and Attaches In Minutes To The Supplied Pipe & Drape Hardware Without Grommets! Our backdrops are so durable you can throw them in a washing machine – try that with vinyl – and are wrinkle resistant.

Tested & Approved Fire Retardant Fabric Displays!

Custom Made To Fit Any Booth

Why Pick The Fabric Backdrop?

Literally, Your Fabric Backdrop Display actually packs away simply inside your carry-on luggage.

The Fabric Backdrop eliminates shipping charges, sets up in minutes, weighs just 5 pounds, takes up zero booth space, and attaches to the supplied hardware.

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It’s In The Bag!

Light Weight, Portable, and Easy! Literally!

The guys in the trade show booth next to you need a structural engineering degree to set up their display, but not you. You are relaxed as you walk in shortly before the show starts. You set up in minutes and focus on your prospects.

  • No Grommets
  • Clean Professional Look
  • Takes Zero Booth Space
  • Certified Fire Retardant
  • No Shipping Charges
  • Machine Washable

Maintain a Clean Professional Look! No More Grommets!

The cutting edge Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop is Unique to Giant Printing.

This revolutionary product attaches to the supplied pipe & drape hardware. Simple, efficient, and easy to use. You don’t need any training to figure this out.

“I wish I had a camera rolling when setting up our booth at Digital Book World last week.

I walked up to set up my booth – and my neighbors to the right I could see were struggling with their pop up banner- 4 of them looking like they were fighting an octopus. I break out my banner from GiantPrinting – put up the clips and then the banner – and in a couple of minutes, I am done. The guy in another booth to my left watching all these laughs and said he wishes he had that all on camera.

An hour later – they finally finished setting up their banner.

The amount of time and hassle saved with the GiantPrinting [backdrop] banners makes it worth much more than I paid. We even purchased a second smaller one for 8′ booth spaces. The quality is great and because it goes to the back of the booth on the curtain – it takes up none of my booth space. ”

Rob – Pittsburgh, PA

Our Backdrops Never Crack, Peel Or Chip…
We Guarantee It!

Once you cross that threshold of having a scuffed up backdrop, it reflects on you and your products.

With our Fabric Backdrop Displays, you always make a great first impression. Our backdrops are machine washable – try that with Vinyl – and wrinkle resistant. You’ll have years of great use.


3qtr Grommet Free

10’ X 6’ (Weighs Under 4 Pounds)

10’ Pop Up Retrofit

Cover Your Existing, Carpeted Pop-Up Display.

10’ Grommet Free

10’ X 8’ (Weighs Just 5 Pounds)

Aluminum Hardwall

Attaches to Any Aluminum Structure.

20’ Grommet Free

20’ X 8’ (Weighs Just 9 Pounds)

Existing Structure

Retrofit any display you already own.

Fabric Backdrop Displays

How you present yourself and your company is critical to your success. Backdrops re-enforce your brand. Our American made backdrops are not only color accurate, vibrant and crisply printed, but Giant Printing feels confident that we’ll exceed your expectations – not just in quality, but how unbelievably hassle free your new backdrop is to use. Setting up backdrops can be time-consuming using hooks. Grommet-Free backdrops change that dramatically. Not only in appearance, but in a matter of minutes, you’ll have your backdrop set up using the exhibitor supplied Pipe & Drape!

Our superior high-density fabric backdrops are portable. You can fold up your backdrops and pack into a bag or suitcase! Now you just saved a ‘truck load’ on shipping because you can carry them with you to all your shows. These fabric backdrops are lightweight, wrinkle resistant and are initially shipped to you for considerably less! Not only are the fabric backdrops durable, giving you a huge ROI with repeated use, your backdrop is machine washable, can be steamed just like a

collared shirt or a party dress, and will still be NON-REFLECTIVE. So unlike Vinyl, no hot spots in your photos or TV images!

Why Choose Giant Printing’s Fabric Backdrop Displays:

Giant Printing’s Fabric Backdrop Displays Set Up in Minutes & Focus on Your Company’s Prospects! We also offer a new concept for displaying at your trade show or event, we call it the Grommet-Free Backdrop.


Why should you pick Giant Printing’s Grommet-Free Backdrop? The Grommet-Free Backdrop eliminates shipping charges, sets up in minutes, weighs just 5 pounds, takes up zero booth space, and attaches to the supplied hardware.

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Average rating:  
 59 reviews
by Lindsey

We did received the backdrops and they look wonderful, thank you so much!

by Gerard

We received the fabric backdrops. With us in SFO (San Francisco Show). Looks great. Will take a picture when the booth is set up. You did an excellent job and you can use us as a reference.

by Angelique

We love the backdrop – just opened the box this weekend. Its beautiful and I will recommend Giant to people for sure!

by Fran

The 3 Qtr Backdrop is Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Cannot thank you enough. Will certainly work together again and will recommend.

by Beck

We absolutely love our backdrop — we’ve had our best looking booth so far, and we think it’s because of the backdrop. Thanks so much!

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