What is a Fabric Backdrop Display?

A fabric backdrop display is an innovative solution for showcasing your brand at trade shows, events, and conferences. Unlike traditional banner displays, the thin fabric smoothly wraps around the provided pipes, eliminating the need for standard grommets and “S” hooks. Instead, subtle ties fasten around the bottom of the pipes, allowing the fabric to cover the entire back wall seamlessly.

How do you print a fabric backdrop?

Our ink printing process involves two steps to ensure high-quality results. First, the image is printed in reverse onto transfer paper using water-based inks. Then, the image is infused into the fabric using a heat press. This method ensures the fabric is durable enough to be washed in a machine, making it a practical and long-lasting option.

Why Fabric Backdrops?

Fabric backdrop displays are favored for their easy mobility. The foldable fabric fits into a small bag, making storage and travel between trade shows convenient, even through airports. The fabric is machine-washable and resistant to fading, fire, and water, ensuring durability for years of display use.

These displays come in multiple sizes, including 5, 8, 10, and 20 feet, as well as custom sizes. Their lightweight nature reduces shipping costs. Fabric backdrop displays are designed to make your company stand out with high-quality graphics and a hidden framework that won’t distract from your brand artwork. They offer a wide selection of colors, textures, and opacities for added versatility in the showroom. For more details or to order your next fabric backdrop, contact Giant Printing at (512) 821-2022.

Vinyl vs. Fabric Banners: A Comparison

When choosing between vinyl and fabric banners, it’s important to consider each material’s unique advantages and potential drawbacks.

Fabric Banners:

  • Eco-Friendly: Fabric banners are a more environmentally friendly option, as they are typically made from natural or recycled materials and are fully recyclable.
  • Portability: Fabric banners are lightweight and foldable, making them highly portable and easily transported. They can be packed into small bags, which is ideal for frequent travelers.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Fabric banners’ non-reflective surface ensures no glare, providing a clear view from all angles. They offer a premium look with smooth, wrinkle-resistant finishes.
  • Machine-Washable: Fabric banners can be machine-washed, maintaining their fresh appearance for multiple uses.
entire booth in one fedex box

Vinyl Banners:

  • Durability: While vinyl banners are known for their durability, especially outdoors, they are prone to wrinkling and can be more cumbersome to handle.
  • Color Vibrancy: Vinyl allows for vibrant, eye-catching colors, but this comes at the expense of a reflective surface that can create glare under certain lighting conditions.
  • Cost: Vinyl banners are often seen as cost-effective upfront. However, their heavier weight and susceptibility to damage can add to long-term costs.

Which Should You Choose?

For those seeking an eco-friendly, versatile, and visually appealing display solution, fabric banners from Giant Printing are the superior choice. Their portability, durability, and ability to present high-quality graphics without glare make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. Choose fabric banners for a professional, sustainable, and hassle-free display experience.

Fabric Backdrop Displays will make your company stand out with your high-quality graphics. The hidden framework won’t draw attention away from your brand artwork. Fabric Backdrop Displays a wide selection of colors, textures, and opacities will offer more versatility for your brand in the showroom.

For details on ordering your next Fabric Backdrop or Banner, contact Giant Printing at (512) 821-2022.