What is a Fabric Backdrop Display?

How does it work?

The thin fabric smoothly wraps around the provided pipes and avoids using standard grommets and “S” hooks. Subtle ties are fastened around the bottom of the pipes, while the fabric covers the entire back wall.

Our ink printing is done with a two-step process to avoid printing directly onto a tacky coated fabric. The image is, first, printed in reverse onto transfer paper with water-based inks. Then, the image is infused into the fabric on a heat press. The fabric is so durable, you can throw them into a washing machine.

Why Fabric Backdrops?

People choose Fabric Backdrop Displays for their easy mobility. The foldable fabric fits into a small bag, which makes for easy storage and travel in between trade shows, or even to bring through the airport.

The machine-washable fabric is also fade-, fire-, and water-resistant. It’s surely your money’s worth with durability for years of display use.

The displays come to you in multiple sizes, including 5, 8, 10, and 20-feet as well as custom sizes which allow for easy shipping. These displays ship to you less because it weighs less.

Fabric Backdrop Displays are sure to make your company stand out with your high-quality graphic. The hidden framework won’t draw attention away from your brand artwork. Fabric Backdrop Displays a wide selection of colors, textures, and opacities will offer more versatility for your brand in the showroom. For details to order your next Fabric Backdrop, contact Giant Printing (512) 821-2022.