Trade Show Displays in Dallas

Dallas Trade Show Fabric Backdrops, Banners, Table Covers, and Displays

If you own a business in Dallas, trade shows and conventions are probably some of your most important networking and brand awareness building events. A stunning trade show display can leave a memorable impression on potential partners and customers, and Giant Printing offers durable, reliable, and visually impressive fabric displays, table covers, banners, and backdrops customized to your branding needs.

Giant Printing also understands the numerous challenges facing Dallas business owners when it comes to coordinating trade show and convention presentations, including transporting banners and other display items. That’s why we provide a free carrying case specially designed to carry our products with every purchase. Enjoy easy mobile transport of your Giant Printing banners and trade show displays to cut down on setup time and transportation costs before every event.

We use high-quality fabric for all the printed brand displays we produce. Not only does fabric enable more faithful and higher quality printing, it also allows for many more uses than traditional vinyl while being a more sustainable choice. Our fabric displays are machine washable and wrinkle resistant, making them ideal for multiple uses. Giant Printing displays are also fire retardant and will never crack, chip, or peel. Giant Printing can help your brand make a fantastic first impression at every event you attend.

High-Quality Fabric Backdrops for Your Brand’s Next Event Appearance

Take your entire tradeshow display in an easy-to-carry bag when you choose Giant Printing. Each of the backdrops we produce weighs less than five pounds and comes with display hardware. Setup is seamless and easy, so you can get your trade show or convention display ready in a fraction of the time a bulky vinyl display would allow. Giant Printing can customize your display to whatever booth size you need.

Why Fabric Instead of Vinyl?

Vinyl has been the standard for branded trade show displays for many years, but Giant Printing offers fabric banners and displays that offer several distinct advantages. You can pack your fabric displays securely without worrying about creasing or wrinkling. They are lightweight enough to fit in carryon luggage for long distance trade show appearances, and you can easily set up your Giant Printing display in less than five minutes at each event location. You won’t need to worry about grommets or other common frustrations encountered with typical vinyl banners when you choose high-quality fabric displays from Giant Printing.

Fabric Banners for Dallas Events and Conventions

If you want a smaller, more convenient way to advertise your brand at your next Dallas area trade show or convention, Giant Printing offers the same impressive branding power as one of our backdrops on a smaller scale with our convenient, lightweight, and impressive fabric banners. Each banner we produce comes with a perfectly sized carrying case. You don’t need to worry about packing clunky vinyl display fixtures into your car; our carrying cases can fit in your trunk or even under a seat in your vehicle.

Unlike vinyl, the high-quality fabric we use for every banner will need chip, crack, or peel. Our fabric banners are also ideal for indoor and outdoor events. If bad weather strikes at an outdoor convention site and your fabric banner gets dirty, you can simply toss it in the washing machine to make it good as new with just one laundry cycle.


A high-quality fabric tablecloth can help you make a fantastic impression at your next business event. Tables are ideal for displaying products, providing brochures and literature about your products and services to attendees, and meeting new friends, partners, and potential customers. Why not make your trade show or convention table stand out from the crowd with a Giant Printing tablecloth? Unlike vinyl that will eventually crease, chip, and peel with repeated uses, our fabric tablecloths will not lose their vibrancy for many years, and they’re easy to transport and clean. Just like our backdrops and banners, our tablecloths are lightweight, easy to transport, and machine washable.

Pop-Up Trade Show Displays

Some conventions only offer limited space to display your brand images, and our pop-up trade show displays are the perfect solution when you only have a small space to make a big first impression. Giant Printing offers the highest quality pop-up trade show displays available on the market, using the same fabric and printing processes as our other branded fabric display products. Like our other products, the pop-up trade show displays we create are easy to transport and setup within minutes.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Trade Show and Convention Displays

Giant Printing strives to provide you with everything you need to make a lasting impression on the people who visit your booth or table. Our products offer fantastic benefits such as wrinkle resistance, vibrant printing, and seamless design. You may notice other presenters and brands struggling with their displays for hours while you start making connections in front of your impressive Giant Printing trade show display.

We have everything to help Dallas business owners maximize their trade show and convention presentations. Whether you need a new backdrop, banner, pop-up display, or tablecloth, we can help you increase your brand awareness and land conversions with our high-quality fabric display products. Contact Giant Printing for a free quote and learn more about how we can improve the trade show experience for your Dallas business.