Custom Printed Canopy Walls

Custom Printed Pop Up Tent Walls

Exhibitors at events such as car shows, craft fairs, sporting events, and trade shows benefit from this product to effectively showcase their products or services.

Enhance your business’s visibility by ordering a full back or side wall to match your tent and tablecloth. Personalize the tent wall with your logo or company slogan to create a cohesive brand identity.

Canopy Tent Sidewalls transform your tent into an engaging advertising display. The durable, water-resistant fabric effectively blocks wind and rain, preserving the integrity of your exhibit space.

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Using a full back wall on your 10 x 10 Pop Up Tent creates a professional backdrop while also offering practical benefits:

  • Protection from wind and rain
  • Privacy from distractions behind the tent
  • A designated sales area for products and literature, sheltered from the elements
  • Further brand promotion with custom-printed logos or messages

Canopy side panels come in various sizes and colors and are fully customizable, providing the perfect addition to your canopy. These backdrops and sidewalls easily attach to the tent frame seamlessly, allowing for simple installation and flexibility to alternate designs for different events. Use a single sidewall as a backdrop or two for a complete enclosure, directing attention to your tent’s entrance.

Customization options include

  • Attaching custom-printed sidewalls to your tent
  • Using dye-sublimation printing for exceptional color quality
  • Selecting inside, outside, or both-sided printing options
  • Ensuring your tent branding is cohesive
  • Choosing from water-resistant fabric canopies
  • Utilizing hook-and-loop strips for easy setup

Giant Printing offers sturdy, custom canopy tent sidewalls for brands seeking the comfort and shield of a partially or fully enclosed outdoor shelter. Engineered to your specific requirements, our custom canopy tent sidewalls feature in-house printing to promote your brand and products. From festivals to sidewalk sales, these shelters offer versatile event space.

Optimize your shelter by adding sidewalls for protection against wind, cold, and rain. These sidewalls boost the value of your canopy shelter, blending functionality and style. For full enclosure, we’ll apply your chosen print, resulting in an eye-catching display that sets you apart. Customers can easily find your tent at events, enhancing your brand visibility.

Custom-printed Tent Wall Gallery

We craft meticulously designed, vibrant banners on recycled fabrics for a sustainable choice. Our printing practices employ eco-friendly, nontoxic, water-based inks, while our eco-friendly printing materials are manufactured in the USA.

Types of Custom Pop-up Tent Walls

Giant Printing transforms tent walls into custom canvases, reflecting your brand’s identity and meeting your specific needs. This tailored approach ensures a seamless integration of your branding across all event spaces.

Custom Printed Back Walls

Our most popular tent wall option, the back wall, offers substantial space for promoting your brand. Our reliable and simple system makes assembly and disassembly a breeze. For optimal advertising impact, brand your message on one or both sides.

Side Walls

When paired with a back wall, two full sidewalls create an enclosed structure that safeguards against wind and provides added privacy during events. Farmers’ market vendors seeking protection from unexpected gusts, and B2B businesses requiring discretion for client conversations, find this a great alternative.

Custom Half-Height Walls

Half walls provide the perfect blend of breeze acceptance and barrier creation. Lower half walls shield equipment from public view, such as brewery kegs. Conversely, the upper half walls of your canopy frame offer an excellent branding solution – imagine a large, customized banner prominently displayed atop your tent.