Trade Show Table Covers

Convention Table Covers, Cloths, Skirts & Runners

Choose from hundreds of colors or custom design your own full-color Table Cover, Tablecloth, or Table Runners. We can print your company’s custom logo or Pantone colors on our extra heavy 8oz fabric. Upgrade your Trade Show Display and Booth with one of our custom Tablecloths or custom-fitted Table Covers and enjoy all the benefits of a Giant printing fabric display.

Sustainable Banner Stands

Enhance your Trade Show Booth!

Our trade show Table Covers are easy to set up, tear down, and travel. Our Table Covers are machine washable, lightweight, wrinkle resistant, and are made with Tested & Approved Fire Retardant Fabrics.

Unlimited, CMYK or Pantone colors all For The Price Of One Color

Giant Printing now offers 100% Reprieve Recycled Fabric Banners & Backdrops which meet the same quality as our standard fabric. The cornerstone of this product offering is a line of fabrics made from recycled plastic drink bottles, they are completely eco-friendly products. Giant Printing fabrics are woven from post-consumer PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) fibers. The source of the PET is recycled plastic drink bottles. Read more about our Eco-friendly Printing.

Stand Out In The Crowd!

Giant Printing can help you get the attention you deserve!

Trade Show Tablecloths are the first iconic piece your prospect sees out front competing for their attention. They’re going to decide in that instant to keep on walking or talk to you.

Bar Height Table Covers & Shipping Case Covers

Upgrading from the standard Trade Show Table to a Bar Height Table?

Our Custom Printed Bar Height Table Covers can transform your table into a billboard. Potential customers will walk down the aisle, and the first thing they see is your table. Grab their attention right away with a striking graphic or bold call-to-action message. These covers are custom-made to fit any 4’, 6’, or 8’ trade show table.

Getting a 20’ Booth? Order two 6’ Bar Height Tables, push them together, and have us make you a custom-made 12’ Bar Height Table Cover.

If you only want to cover the front side of your table, we can make you a custom Table Wrap with sewn-on Velcro. Tested & Approved Fire Retardant Table Covers!

fabric banners
Custom Printed Bar Height Table Cover

Custom Made to Fit Any Convention Table

Drape your trade show table in a custom-printed full-coverage tablecloth. It neatly conceals items underneath and adds a touch of personalized style. These tablecloths transform your table into a unique centerpiece, no matter where you place it. Below are some examples of table covers we have created for clients.

Elevate Your Trade Show Display with Custom Table Covers

Impress at trade shows with stylish table covers that double as discreet storage solutions. Enhance your presence with complementary exhibit add-ons, ensuring you outshine the competition.

Don’t let your trade show display fall flat with a plain table. When your pop-up booth, banners, and even furniture align with your brand, a basic table can disrupt the cohesive look. Enhance your presentation with custom trade show table covers that seamlessly match all your other graphics.

Whether you have a custom-sized table or a standard 4′,6′, or 8-foot fixture, Giant Printing has the perfect table cover for you. We offer a variety of finishes including fitted, stretched, contour, and convertible options.

Our premium-quality fabrics are stain and wrinkle-resistant, ensuring they withstand every show. They’re machine washable and won’t shrink after repeated drying cycles. We’ve sourced the best American 100% polyester knit fabrics, ensuring consistent quality and meeting all flame resistance standards nationwide. Contact our experts to learn about special volume discounts.

Why Use a Trade Show Table Cover?

Trade show table covers elevate your presentation, ensuring full brand recognition and a coordinated environment. Whether you’re displaying brochures, pamphlets, or interacting with customers, a branded table cover enhances your professional appearance and maximizes your branding opportunities.

Custom table covers come in various styles to suit different table types, using your display’s full space to project and reinforce your message. The result is a polished, cohesive look that makes a lasting impression.

Why Choose Giant Printing for Your Table Covers?

  • In-House Expertise: Our team handles all work in-house and offers free graphic design to maximize your brand’s impact.
  • Fast Turnaround: We can ship your order within two days after your request.
  • Variety of Options: We offer a range of table cover styles, from stretch and contoured shapes to adjustable solutions.
  • High-Quality Graphics: We use a 2-step fabric printing process for crisp, clear, and detailed graphics, ensuring your brand looks its best.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: We use 100% recycled fabric for sustainable branding.

Transform your trade show display with Giant Printing’s custom table covers and make a powerful statement that captures your brand’s essence.

2-Sided Banner Displays

Have A Corner Booth?

Our 2-Sided Banner Displays allow you to attract potential customers coming from any direction.

These banner displays are packed into a supplied small canvas case for easy transport during travel.

Your website and brochure content could be displayed on your banner display, which allows you to truly brand yourself beyond a logo. Tested & Approved Fire Retardant Fabric Displays!

2-Sided Banner Displays | Giant Printing | Custom Printing
  • Our banner display graphics are machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant.
  • Graphics can be easily replaced after you buy the display.

Our Tablecloths and Table Runners can be sized to fit any table.

With our expandable print area, you can put your company’s product, logo, or message on the front, top, and each side. Giant Printing’s 2-step printing process produces the highest quality image transfer for the absolute best Trade Show tablecloths and Table Runners.

Contact us for a Price Quote.

4' Demo | Table Covers | Giant Printing

Our Table Covers Never Crack, Peel Or Chip…

We Guarantee It!

Quality is always guaranteed with Giant Printing!

Once you cross that threshold of having a worn out Tablecloth with cracked printing, it reflects on you and your products. All of our covers are machine washable.

Giant Printing One Color Table Cover

Fabric Trade Show Backdrops

A Booth In A Bag!

From Suitcase To Setup In Just MINUTES!

Our High Quality Printed Backdrops, Weigh Less Than 5lbs and Attach In Minutes To The Show Supplied Pipe & Drape…. With No Grommets!!! Better than vinyl backdrops, better than canvas backdrops, better than muslin backdrops, probably better than anything you have ever seen! Our printed cloth fabrics are so durable you can throw them in a washing machine and come out wrinkle-resistant. Try that with your current display.

Fabric Printing | Banners | Backdrops | Table Covers | Banner Display | Compact Trade Show Displays & Promotional Products | Austin, Texas | Giant Printing

Tested & Approved Fire Retardant Fabric Displays!

Upgrade to our Unique Grommet-Free Backdrop system and like many of our happy customers enjoy 30-40% or more in both sales and leads!

Our Table Cover and Runner Variations

Economy Covers

Multi-Color Logo on Any Custom Color.

Eco Covers

Product and/or Logo on Front Only

Custom Printed Table Covers & Table Runners for Trade Show & Event Displays | David Rio Company Product | Giant Printing Table Cover Displays

Pantone Covers

Logo on Multiple Custom Colors

Mural Covers

Product and/or Logo on Any Photography or Color Combo.

Table Runners

Logo on Multiple Custom Colors

Custom Printed Table Covers for Trade Show & Event Displays | Texas Tea Company Product | Giant Printing Table Cover Displays

Bar Height Covers

Custom Made for Any Bar Height Table.

Let Our Experts Help: Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect table covers for your trade show needs. Contact us for personalized recommendations and assistance in selecting the best solution for your event.

Trade Show Table Cloths & Table Runners

The best table covers start with fire-resistant polyester-based fabric. When it comes to Trade Show Table Covers or Table Runners, some fixate on price and go with “off-the-shelf colors” or what is referred to as random colored fabrics or inks that cause chipping and peeling. Tablecloths are no place to cut corners.

We take what you’ve worked so hard to develop and design and apply it to your cover. Choose from hundreds of colors or custom design your own brand with your Pantone (PMS) color, Jpeg, Tiff or PDF File.

Our Table Covers can be sized to fit any table and like most of our other products, are machine washable, lightweight, wrinkle resistant, and fire retardant. Be it a Table Cover, Table Throw, Table Skirt, Table Runner, Tablecloths, Retractable banner, Round, Square, or Fitted Tablecloth, your prospect’s first impression is the reflection of this investment you’ll make. Make it a high-quality Giant Printing Fabric Display!

Planning to show at a convention, exhibition, or job fair? Giant Printing has you covered.