When you choose Giant Printing, it really is that simple. Isn’t that what you need from your trade show, event or promotion? To sell more, get new customers, generate more leads, connect with existing customers, and even to make your competitors a little nervous. We’re here for you. Giant Printing’s ultimate goal is to help you have a more successful trade show. Whether you exhibit in smaller local events or at large international shows, Giant Printing’s high-quality fabric trade show displays are designed to communicate your company’s specific message effectively, and with striking visual impact meant to enhance your brand.

Giant Printing is dedicated to helping clients improve sales and profits by producing fabric trade show, convention and event solutions in the form of Banners, Backdrops, Table Covers and Banner Displays. We enjoy the challenge of working closely with our clients to meet their demanding schedules. Our commitment is to a hi-quality printing process and using fabric that is made in the USA. We pride ourselves on color accuracy, sustainability and the longevity of our products. Transform your brand into a larger-than-life event for attendees and staff with creative architecture, bold graphics and interactive elements. Giant Printing can help brand your trade show or convention displays to immerse your audience and attendees into your memorable brand.

Howard and his father Ben started Giant Printing in 1993. As a second generation family owned and operated business based in Austin, Texas, Giant Printing is distributing products globally to meet our customer’s needs. We guarantee that all of our products are produced in-house, which means we don’t farm out to other companies or countries. We strive to assist in working to improve on your future projects.

Giant Printing is constantly looking for ways to give back to the local community and we are have partnered with Texas DARS, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, by employing several employees with the commitment of delivering the highest quality of service and products. The Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services administers programs that ensure Texas is a state where people with disabilities, and children who have developmental delays, enjoy the same opportunities as other Texans to live independent and productive lives.

Quality Control

It’s unacceptable for any job to ship with quality issues. To prevent any possible problems from occurring, we have put several safeguards in place during the production process to make sure every job is error free. To meet our strict internal quality control standards, each job is inspected by the production manager and one senior employee before it packed for shipping.

Innovation & Technology

Giant Printing is committed to innovation, communication and cutting edge production technology to provide our clients with a comprehensive visual communication solution to solve possible business challenges.