Stage Backdrops

Giant Backdrops and Banners

Customized fabric backdrops can effortlessly transform your stage from drab to dynamic. Simply specify the dimensions and graphic details, and our cutting-edge dye 2-step printing process will bring your backdrop to life.

Our method doesn’t involve direct fabric printing. Instead, we employ a 2-step process, printing at an exceptionally high resolution with premium inks directly onto paper. The image is then transferred using an external heat press. Once activated by heat, our inks permeate the fabric fibers, indelibly embedding your design.

This technique ensures a permanent print, effectively making the image an inherent part of the material. The heat transfer is durable, resistant to peeling or cracking, and lasts for years. The final product boasts intricate details, an elegant appearance, a soft texture, and vibrant color reproduction.

One remarkable advantage of our 2-step process is the exceptional durability of the backdrop, allowing for convenient cleaning in your washing machine. This method yields sharp, pristine visuals guaranteed to captivate your audience.

Custom Printed Stage Backdrops

No matter how small or grand your stage is, we have a Fabric Banner, Backdrop, or Drape for every event, meeting, graduation, or ceremony, indoors or out!

We print using your own company’s custom logo or specialty colors creating not only a great impression but one that lasts. Staging with picture-perfect branding and a product that can be used over and over again.

Easy setup! Easy Clean up (machine-washable) and is easily stored and ready for its next use.