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Giant Printing is dedicated to helping clients improve sales and profits by producing fabric trade show and event solutions in the form of Banners, Backdrops, Table Covers and Banner Displays.

Why You Need A Graphic Designer | Blog | Giant Printing

A graphic designer will help you and your business. Delegate this task to someone who is a professional and makes a living off of graphic design. We also provide help for our clients, whether you need support setting up for design files, designing the products themselves, or a guide for proper care, Giant Printing is here to help.

5 Senses of a Trade Show | Blog | Giant Printing

Your booth graphics are the first thing your audience is going to see at a trade show, and you only have seconds to grab their attention. Using a small graphic centered in the middle of your booth won’t do the trick. The amount of information you put on your graphics and what you put on it is extremely important. That graphic is going to make the difference between someone that keeps on walking or someone that stops to talk to you.

How to Select a Show Floor Location | Giant Printing

We’ve already established that backdrops are a critical element to your tradeshow. There are 10 additional elements that you could be including in your tradeshow to make your booth stand out. Giant Printing is always willing to help you make your tradeshow booth look its best.

What is a Fabric Backdrop Display? | Blog | Giant Printing

How does it work? The thin fabric smoothly wraps around the provided pipes and avoids using standard grommets and “S” hooks. Subtle ties are fastened around the bottom of the pipes, while the fabric covers the entire back wall. Our ink printing is done with a two-step process to avoid printing directly onto a tacky

Using Social Media for your Next Tradeshow | Blog | Giant Printing

Prep Start weeks in advance. As soon as you know when your company’s next tradeshow event is, start advertising. Provide as much information as you can about it and let them know early on what they can look forward to. Give your potential attendees some previews of the products you will be selling with photos.

5 Senses of a Trade Show | Blog | Giant Printing

Taste As a company who sells an edible product, one of the biggest selling points you can have is to have people try what you are selling. Having a backdrop won’t be enough. To sell to your client what you have created, it is all about tasting it. Entice those who are passing by with

How Your Booth Can Stand Out Amount The Rest | Blog | Giant Printing

If you’ve ever been to a trade show or any type of event where you walk by booths, think about what caught your eye. Why did you stop at a specific booth instead of another? Knowing why you do this will help you determine why people will visit your booth. Today, we are sharing with

Tracking ROI | Trade Show | Giant Printing

An ROI, or Return On Investment, should be calculated whenever you spend any amount of money either sponsoring or having a booth at a show. To track your Return on Investment use the formula: (Gross Profit – Marketing Expenses)/ Marketing Expenses   Marketing expenses should be calculated by the amount you spend on items such

How to Select a Show Floor Location | Giant Printing

The old adage concerning real estate holds true whether you are searching for a 50,000 square foot building to house your business or a 500 square foot space to house your booth at a trade show.

Common Trade Show Mistakes | Giant Printing

Setting up and running an effective trade show display involves much more than raising a booth and distributing information. The best booth design cannot replace informed planning, a wise marketing strategy, and more. The following 10 mistakes are common at many trade shows across the country. Are you routinely making them with your business?