5 Senses of a Trade Show


As a company who sells an edible product, one of the biggest selling points you can have is to have people try what you are selling. Having a backdrop won’t be enough. To sell to your client what you have created, it is all about tasting it. Entice those who are passing by with a sample, and if they enjoyed it they can learn more about the product and even make a purchase.


While attending a trade show, you’ll see a lot of different booths displaying their products and services. To stand out among the rest, make sure that your branding and message is clear right away for potential customers. Does your branding color match the rest of your display?


Especially with clothing, people usually like to feel the material before they purchase it. This can be applied to any trade show with all of your products and services. Find creative ways for people to be able to touch and try your products. Let those potential customers have the opportunity first hand to see what they are buying.


If you are able to create a smell for your booth, then try it out. Make sure that your employees smell nice and keep a candle or spray around. Don’t pollute anything with a strong scent. Keep it low key, but enough to create a memory from it.


Trade shows can become very noisy. Finding a space in your booth area that creates a barrier to the noise will help the customer hear you better. Create a space that has chairs or couches that has a more personal feel for customers.


Let your customers see what your brand is all about and show your hospitality. You only have a short time to capture the message of your company to potential customers. Let Giant Printing create memorable displays for your next trade show.