The Pantone Color Matching System is shared world wide by the graphic arts industry.

This world-wide system is ideal because it allows you to communicate the exact color you require through a special numbering system. You may view our PDF chart to help specify a certain PMS number to use.

Ever wonder how manufacturers can guarantee that their products always print the same color and avoid the disaster of having a client’s logo being different shades of a color? The answer is the Pantone Color Matching System (PMS). The PMS system has been a life saver for printing trade show displays and promotional products.

Most people don’t realize that every computer monitor varies slightly in color. What this means is, for Giant Printing to insure an accurate Pantone Color Matching System match, you should view an actual PMS color swatch book. Download and print our PMS Chart below to ensure proper color selection. With Giant Printing, not only can you get the highest quality Trade Show Display and Promotional Product Graphics at a fraction of our competitors’ prices, but with our graphics and displays, you can cut cost without sacrificing color, quality or brand integrity.

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How We Print

If you compare our unique color printing process to our competitors, it would be like comparing a Hi-Definition Digital TV to an old Analog Broadcast. What sets Giant Printing apart is our 2 Step Color Printing Process that allows for a greater control of color, sharpness and detail.