10 Tradeshow Elements

There are 10 additional elements that you could be included in your tradeshow to make your booth stand out.

1. Set up a meeting area

Setting up a private meeting area gives you an edge to your tradeshow. It allows you the opportunity to fully engage with a customer privately and allow you to tell them about products you have to offer. It’s also a great space to hold meetings with your employees. All you need is a small table with 1-4 chairs set up in a distant space from the main table.

2. Storage Spaces

Setting up storage spaces allow for a clean environment to display and work in. Put any extra brochures, products, and materials in an accessible space in your booth. You don’t need to bring a huge moving truck for storage. All you have to bring is something small such as a three-drawer storage, or a table that has an underneath cubby built in.

3. Something to Touch

Give your customers something they can hold onto or play with. Nowadays, companies use iPads or tablets with the company site or photos displayed for the customer’s entertainment. This method is sure to get your message across in a memorable way.

4. Collateral Materials

70% of collateral ends up being thrown away in the host city. If the quality of the collateral lacks content, appearance, or feel, it won’t have much value to the customers. So, make sure your collateral is useful. Create a premium product with concise language and is straight to the point.

5. Digital Content

Create an animation or short video about your content. Have a few digital displays that you can keep in a loop. All content should be kept short and simple- you can do the in-depth explaining when you catch their attention.

6. Giveaways

Everyone likes free. Produce small prototypes of your products or small items that advertise your company. This is sure to attract people to your booth and spread the word about your booth. The best items will make it back to your potential client’s home or desk.

7. Demographics and Data

It’s vital to keep track of your audience at your tradeshow- this includes anyone who has had a one-on-one with your staff or took a brochure with them. Keeping track of your audience allows you to see who your target audience is, and what to do next time to appeal to them. Keep track of what they’re interested in and/or what they physically took from your booth. Also, take an inventory of what products you gave away the most. If you had many options, see what the most appealing item was, and know how much to order for next time.

8. Staff

Make sure your staff in on the same page of what your goal is for your booth. Let them know what you are trying to promote. If you hired a friend to help you for the day, make sure they understand what your booth is about and brief them on any potential questions they could get. Most importantly, let them know that if they cannot answer a question for a customer refer that customer to you, instead of letting them walk away.

9. Color

Be consistent with the colors. Too much color in your booth can look unorganized. Consider how color is going to be applied to lights, graphics, and furniture, and be sure that they blend well.

10. Branding

The audience should be able to see who you are right away. A company logo should be displayed somewhere on your table, television, and even in a small space on your backdrop display. The setup of your booth will send a message about who you are as a company, so be sure that this is displayed by a complementing theme.

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