Fabric Display Cleaning & Care for Your Trade Show Fabric Displays

With proper cleaning and care, our custom printed fabric products are resilient and long lasting.

When it comes to the cleaning and care of Giant Printing’s Trade Show & Event Fabric Displays, it’s simple! Our custom printed fabric displays can be washed in a washing machine and ironed just like a collared shirt or a party dress!

Fabric Display Cleaning & Care

For proper cleaning of your display fabric, start by machine washing it with cold water. Select the gentle cycle and use a mild detergent, such as Woolite™. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry on lowest setting. Dryer temperature should not exceed 120°F. Remove immediately to prevent wrinkling. Wrinkles can be removed from the fabric using a steamer or an iron (low setting) by ironing on the unprinted side or you can use a fabric steamer.

Steaming Out Wrinkles at Trade Shows & Events

All of our fabric backdrops and table covers are wrinkle-resistant, but a small amount of wrinkling may occur with packaging. It is not mandatory but we would recommend having a steamer available during setup for a smooth look and optimal use of your product.

A lightweight and portable steamer is recommended!

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