Giant Printing Offers Design Services For Our Customers

At Giant Printing, we believe that designing an effective trade show display is a process that utilizes all of our capabilities. It is a multi-step process that allows us to create a display that will represent the essence of what your brand stands for in a creative and functional way.

For our clients that don’t have easy access to quality graphic design services, Giant Printing offers professional results. When you are creating a design for large formats, there are specialized skills that are required in order to achieve the optimum product. We understand all that is required in order to make your trade show or project stand out from the competition and be successful. Here are some samples of our work.

Establishing a Partnership

Giant Printing starts with establishing a partnership. This means we get in sync with your brand, absorbing everything you do and stand for as a company. By developing a full understanding of your business, we can utilize our creative talents efficiently to design the more effective trade show display for your brand.

Developing a Concept

The next phase that Giant Printing uses in our Display Design Process, is developing an idea. We do this by working with you to determine what you want to accomplish with your display design. Developing a concept for your trade show display design is not only strategic and goal focused, but it is also functional and creative. We will produce detailed blueprints of what your display design will look like, and collaborate with you closely to ensure your brand’s needs are always being met.

Let’s Get Started

Once the display design is approved by our client, it’s time to get started bringing the idea to life by combining high-quality structural elements and eye-catching graphics!