Fire Retardant Fabrics

Giant Printing Offers Fire Retardant Display Fabrics

We know the right way and the wrong way to have smokin’ backdrops!

What is Fire Retardant Fabric Displays?

Flame Retardant (or “FR”), or Fire Retardant, fabrics refer to fabrics that are inherently resistant to flame or fabrics that have been treated with chemicals to be resistant to flame. Purchasing a flame-retardant fabric does not mean that the material is flame-proof and will absolutely not catch on fire, it means that they are resistant to flame and will not allow the fire to SPREAD.

Fire and flame retardancy are important factors when selecting your trade show fabric materials such as table covers, drapes, tension fabric banners, etc. Anything that involves fabric typically has to adhere to fire-related codes for the venue, city, and state and these codes vary from place to place. It is always wise to spend the extra dollars and choose the flame retardant fabric vs. the standard fabric. You will more than likely use your display or table cover more than once and this will alleviate any chance of you not being able to use them. Fortunately, the trade show display industry is aware of this demand for flame retardant fabrics, and the majority of the fabric display products available fall under this category.

Tested & Approved Fire Retardant Fabric Displays

Our Backdrop, Banner, and Table Cover fabric was tested by Diversified Testing Laboratories and meets the minimum requirements for the National Fire Prevention Association No. 701, “Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films, 2010 Edition, (Test 1, Small Scale).” This fabric meets NFPA 701 2010, California Title 19 § 1237, NY/NJ Port Authority & Boston City Fire Codes.

Fire Retardant certificate available upon request.