Using a small graphic centered in the middle of your booth won’t do the trick. The amount of information you put on your graphics and what you put on it is extremely important. That graphic is going to make the difference between someone that keeps on walking or someone that stops to talk to you.

Long-Term Investment

Some vendors are hesitant to spend the money on their booth graphic, but they often forget to realize that a good-looking full size Backdrop or Banner is an investment. It’s an important investment. You want your Backdrop or Banner to be noticeable, because at trade shows- in a sea of hundreds of other Backdrops or Banners- you are going to want yours to stick out the most.  Someone who has been doing trade shows for a long time can tell you that it used to be the products that draw people in. Now, it’s about the graphics in the booth. Your small Banner with little-to-no graphics could be giving off the impression that your company is a small one with the inability to fulfill orders. The true objective is for your Backdrop or Banner to give the impression that your company is as big as their larger competitors, whether it is or not.

Make or Break It

Trade shows are a great way to expand your business. There are multiple benefits that entail including expanding your customer base and developing and strengthening your brand. So, the amount of success you have at your tradeshow can make or break your year. That’s why the look of your booth is vital.

Customers will walk right by your booth, as 3’ x 6’ Banners just don’t do the trick anymore. Mini Banners at trade shows have progressed since then to bigger and brighter Backdrops. If you haven’t already, it’s time for your company to make the investment in a full size Backdrop that makes your booth stand out. Past customers have even reached back out to us to tell us that their sales have increased 20-30% when they upgraded their trade show Banners or Backdrops to our unique full size Grommet-Free Backdrop. Adding a full color Table Cover can really complete the branding or look you are trying to achieve.


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