How to Hang a Backdrop Without a Stand

No-Stand Backdrops

One of the most common challenges exhibitors face is the setup and tear-down of their booths. The backdrop is usually the most significant part of the process. With a variety of different types of backdrops available, exhibitors often struggle with managing bulky, complex backdrop stands and displays. But what if we told you there’s a way to hang your trade show backdrop without a frame?

Custom Fabric Backdrop

At Giant Printing, we’ve created a complete solution for this common issue – a Grommet-Free Backdrop that hangs effortlessly without needing a stand. Here’s how it works and why you should consider it for your next trade show.

Simple Setup

Our Grommet-Free Backdrops are simple and easy to set up. Most trade shows and conventions provide pipe and drape hardware for booths. Make sure they’re properly connected and stable before hanging your backdrop. Using our exclusive method with clips, you can install these backdrops in under five minutes without any tools. This quick and easy setup means less stress before your event and a faster exit when it’s over.


Exhibitors often travel to trade shows, which means packing and transporting equipment. Bulky and heavy stands can make this a hassle. Our backdrops are light enough to carry in your suitcase, making them exceptionally travel-friendly. This feature eliminates the need for shipping or checking in additional luggage.

Custom-Made for You

At Giant Printing, we customize each backdrop to any size you need, ensuring it perfectly fits your exhibition space. This personalization guarantees you’ll have a backdrop that stands out from the crowd, tailored to your brand’s specific requirements.

Certified Fire Retardant

Safety is of the utmost importance at trade shows. Our backdrops are certified fire retardant, meeting all standard safety regulations. This ensures that you keep safety at the forefront while you impress attendees with your impressive display.

American-Made and High-Quality

We are proud say that our backdrops are American-made. We use the highest quality American-made fabrics and inks to produce our backdrops. Our commitment to quality ensures that your backdrop will look fantastic and withstand the test of time.


Using our Grommet-Free Backdrops saves you on the cost of purchasing and transporting a separate stand. These savings can be substantial, especially for frequent exhibitors.

Professional Appearance

Our Grommet-Free Backdrops give a clean, seamless look, offering a more professional appearance than traditional backdrop solutions. This visual appeal can make your booth more inviting and engaging to attendees.

So, How Do You Hang a Backdrop Without a Stand?

In conclusion, our Grommet-Free Backdrops are an exclusive, innovative solution to a typical trade show problem. By combining ease of use, travel-friendly design, customization, cost-effectiveness, and professional appeal, our backdrops will enhance your trade show experience.

Ready to make a powerful impression at your next trade show? Don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at (512) 821-2022 to discuss your backdrop needs and explore how our grommet-free solutions can transform your display. Experience the difference by trying our Grommet-Free Backdrops at your next event.