Do’s and Don’ts for Backdrop Design

Chances are your audience is going to be walking when they notice your backdrop or custom printed table cover, so your goal is to have an eye-catching design that is appealing enough to make them stop in their tracks. So, what are the most important elements to make sure you hit the bullseye every time?

Start by considering how much you are putting on your backdrop. Think less is more. Your potential audience will not have enough time to read the encyclopedia you printed onto it; and even if they did have enough time, they won’t be interested in reading the whole thing. If they don’t see what your company is about right away, they won’t stop. Think of your backdrop as a billboard: when you are driving, advertisers don’t print every single detail about their company. In fact, if you pay attention, all billboards, created by the big ad agencies, are seven words or less. Think outside the box and come up with a headline that is catchy enough to make them see your booth 20-30’ away and walk over to talk to you.

We recommend one headline, your logo and a cool background. Sometimes the headline is more important than your logo if they are not familiar with your company. We also recommend not putting your address, phone number or email address on your backdrop. If they are interested in your product, they will ask for a business card or brochure.

Can They Read It Right Away?

Keep your message at an eye-level or just above. Too low and they will walk right past your backdrop. Squint your eyes and what you see is what will stand out on your backdrop. Don’t forget to consider where you will place your computers or monitors, and other structural elements that may get in the way of your graphics.

Think Quality, Not Quantity

Be sure your designs are not too busy. Be consistent with your colors and avoid over-saturating it with pictures. Depending on the size of your picture(s), it’s best to keep the amount to a minimum. Also, try and pick a photo that is centered around your theme- whether that theme is about your company or what you’re trying to advertise.

When deciding what photo to use, be absolute that it is in the highest quality possible. Some photos can get away with poor quality if they are shrunken or abstract, but it is almost impossible to pull it off when the photo is enlarged or needs to show detail.

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