Banner Roll-Ups vs Standees

When it comes to the traditional Banner Roll-up Displays, they’re kind of old school and once your message, branding, or campaign is over, you just have to throw it away. Not with our 2-Sided Fabric Standee Display. You can have the same messages on both sides or you can have a different messages on the back. If you need to change your campaign or message, you just place an order for a new printed fabric graphic.  Our new Fabric Standee, comes with the hardware, a printed fabric graphic and a carrying bag.

So there’s a lot of advantages to the Standee. If you want to put a generic message on your Backdrop and if you have something that’s show specific, you can put that info on the Standee. So you can change graphics depending on your show. Or if you came out with a new product line a week before the show, you just bring that and you’re not dating your backdrop.

If you’re at a trade show and you’re not getting traffic, you can kind of nudge the display out, and turn it sideways. So when potential customers are walking down the aisle, they see your Display before they see anything in your booth. If you’re having a meeting you can have directional info on the Standee. Airports, restaurants, hotels, they all have the banner stands and there’s just not as efficient as the Fabric Standee because you want to change the message.

Another issue to consider. The last thing you want to do is clutter up your Grommet-Free Backdrop with lot of info. This could make your Backdrop hard to read from a distance.

We have had customers buy an extra printed Fabric Graphics at the same time because they know that they’re going to go to a different show, or they’re going to have a different meeting, or they were sharing it with a different company department

Everything we print takes 8-12 business days, We do them ourselves, we’re not farming it out to any other company or country. We always tell people that, and that’s the truth. Our Displays made in America and the printing of the fabric is made in America at our facility using made in America fabric

We usually print once or twice a week and we don’t miss deadlines.