10 Tips for Trade Show Results

No matter what type of business you are or who your target audience is, there is always a trade show out there for your company.

Make your name and brand stand out with not only the material and conversation you have with people, but also by that first impression you make when people see your booth. Here are some tips to remember before your next trade show.

1. Know Your Audience

Every business and company has a target audience for which their product or services work. Nevertheless, it is crucial to find trade shows that appeal to your target audience and what shows they actually attend. There are lists everywhere online that will share upcoming events with you in the United States. Start here and look at past years’ reviews and what will be featured in future shows. These resources will give you an inside look as to what people are looking for, and moreover, where they go to look.

And conversely, this also goes for knowing your competitors. Do a little detective work and find out what shows they attend. Also think of trade shows as large networking events. And when attending a trade show, pay attention to your competitors; are they utilizing any new trends that you could be incorporating into your booth? Are they drawing large crowds? If so, what are they offering?

2. Know Your Budget

If this is your first trade show, you can either be overwhelmed by the cost that it takes to have a successful trade show, or you could go on a shopping spree and overspend. Either way, both results could leave you frustrated and prevent you from making the show a huge hit. Now is the time to plan your budget accordingly, from the very beginning of the process. Make a commitment to stick to the budget, but allow for adjustments as needed. Moreover, check every avenue for opportunities to save money, take advantage of early bird registration fees or sales at supply stores.

3. Organize Everything

The day of the event can be very stressful and overwhelming. However, if you plan ahead and stay organized throughout the process or preparing for the show, then you have nothing to fear. Keep all registration papers, booth and floor plans, invoices and such in a separate folder and on hand in case you need it to confirm your participation in the show. Pens, note cards, chargers and cords, handouts, and business cards should all be on hand. Be prepared to greet your prospects and make a great impression on them; the better organized you are the more they will remember you.

4. Set Goals

Before attending a trade show, identify the number of leads that you want as your goal. Make sure you are able to track each lead with contact information; and what types of services they would like to learn more about with interactive quizzes or surveys. Again, by knowing your target show audience will help you lay out a plan on presenting to them as well as by getting their information. Take time with each prospect who stops by your booth.

5. Marketing the Event

So, you know that you are attending a trade show next month, but do your followers on social media know? It is so important to share with everyone that you have worked with that you will be at a show. Send invites to go to the event through email marketing, or share your booth number and location across all social media platforms. Your followers may be interested in the event and will stop by to see what new services or products you have to offer.

6. Take Your Booth to the Next Level

Now that you have your booth set up for the show figured out, ask yourself what more can you do to get people to stop and talk to you. Get creative in how you present your products or services to prospects. Use technology like projectors and videos playing, and have staff available to speak about your products and services. Marketing material like brochures, flyers and other promotional products are great takeaways for prospects. The more unique the takeaway, the more likely they will be to remember your company. With all marketing materials, make sure that you have your contact information clearly identifiable. Giveaways are also a great way to get prospects to remember by you as they hope to be the winner of your giveaway.

7. Keep Track

Once you have the available material and technology set up, it’s time for you can keep track of the prospects that you have talked. Keep notes on each prospect such as the products or services that they were interested and which staff member from your company talked to them.

8. Follow Up with Prospects

Whew, the show is now over and you’ve collected all prospect contact information, follow up with each of them with a friendly phone conversation and let them know more about what your company has to offer. Another great way to keep in touch with prospects is to add their email addresses to your email marketing list.

9. How Did You Do?

Evaluate if the trade show was a success by reviewing the goals you made before the show, and comparing to how you did. Did you aim too high or too low? Either way, that is okay! Every trade show event will be different; and with every show you can learn something new to bring to the next one.

10. When is the Next Show?

Always be on the lookout for the next trade show event, you never know when or where opportunity will knock. And it doesn’t hurt to also attend other trade shows as well; see how other companies are presenting themselves through their conversations and their booth set up. Who knows, you may find something awesome to add to your own booth the next go around.

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