SXSW Backdrops & Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays for SXSW Exhibitors

South by Southwest (SXSW) is one of the most celebrated annual conventions of industry leaders in film, music, and interactive media. Exhibitors can take advantage of this massive networking opportunity by creating eye-catching displays, and Giant Printing can help. We know exactly what expo exhibitors have to work with at the Austin Convention Center and SXSW trade show.

custom printed backdrop by giant printing in Texas

Our custom-printed trade show backdrop displays fit perfectly on the provided pipe and drape hardware at the show. Your brand can capture the attention of a massive audience with incredibly detailed, photo-realistic printing thanks to our high-quality American-made Fabric and Ink and our proprietary printing process.

Look Professional Every Time

Photo realistic fabric backdrops that really stand out

Clean Installation

Grommet-Free design hides unsightly hooks and ropes so that customers focus on your products, not your installation

Highest Quality Printing

Photo Realistic

Proprietary printing process and specialty inks create a more vibrant display, with more depth of color at a much higher resolution

Trade Show Fabric Display

Reusable Display

Machine Washable with American-made fabrics and inks won’t run, fade, or wash off to ensure a lifetime of quality


Giant Printing offers a unique solution for all SXSW show floor exhibitors and party planners looking for eye-catching, professionally crafted banner displays and trade show booths with custom graphics and professional photography. Our custom banners are ideal for any SXSW exhibit. We can include photo-realistic image quality thanks to our proprietary printing process, and the banners you purchase from Giant Printing can fold perfectly in your carry-on luggage when you travel to the convention.

All our SXSW banners fit perfectly on the provided pipe and drape hardware on the exhibition floor, so there is no need to worry about shipping or hassling with standard banner displays.


You’ve put a tremendous amount of time and effort into your SXSW exhibit or event, so it’s essential to have a backdrop that conveys this commitment to quality to the diverse range of SXSW attendees. Giant Printing offers custom-designed printed backdrops that fit perfectly on your SXSW trade show booth. Thanks to our proprietary printing process, we can produce photorealistic image quality that captures the essence of your brand for an eye-catching booth design on the exhibition floor.

All the backdrops and banners we produce use high-quality fabric that folds easily back into your suitcase.

Banner Stands

Standing banners are a great addition to any SXSW exhibit, but many exhibitors struggle with shipping and transportation. They also need very high-quality prints to ensure their displays attract the attention they expect from the event. Giant Printing offers sleek and modern designs using photorealistic images or the full range of Pantone colors for your SXSW banner stands, and all our banner stands are free-standing and self-contained.

Our high-quality fabric ensures your banner stands will have a wrinkle-free presentation, easy transportation, and stunning results for any SXSW exhibitor.

Table Runners and Covers

Giant Printing offers a fantastic selection of printing options, sizes, and color options for your SXSW table runners and covers. We can faithfully print your company logo and brand imagery on your table runners and covers, or you can choose from the full range of Pantone colors for a dramatic and eye-catching display.

We know exactly what SXSW exhibitors must work with on the convention floor, so allow us to handle your table runner and table cover printing so you can make your exhibit truly stand out from the crowd.

Comparison of Our Printing Process to Our Competitors

Giant Printing uses a 2-step print process that allows for greater control of color, sharpness, and detail when it comes to your SXSW displays and products.

Comparing our unique printing process to our competitors is like comparing Hi-Def Digital TV to an old Analog Broadcast. Our 2-step printing process allows for greater control of color, sharpness, and detail.

See the comparison in the 2 images below.

Maximize Your SXSW Presence with Giant Printing!

South by Southwest (SXSW) is not just an event; it’s a pivotal gathering where film, music, and interactive media’s brightest minds converge. This year, make sure your exhibit not only participates but stands out on this grand stage. At Giant Printing, we’re not just vendors; we’re your partners in showcasing brilliance. Our expertise is tailored specifically for SXSW exhibitors at the Austin Convention Center, ensuring your brand is not just seen, but remembered.

Why Settle for Ordinary? Choose Exceptional with Giant Printing

Our offerings are designed with the SXSW exhibitor in mind. From custom-printed backdrops that command attention to banners that travel with ease, our solutions are as practical as they are impactful. With our proprietary printing process and American-made materials, we guarantee displays that are not only photo-realistic but also enduring.

  • Photo-Realistic Fabric Backdrops: Stand out with clean, grommet-free designs that focus all eyes on what matters most – your product. Our high-resolution, vibrant displays ensure your brand is seen in the best light.
  • Easy-to-Transport Banners: Our banners are not only eye-catching but also incredibly convenient, folding perfectly into your luggage, and ready to make a statement on the SXSW show floor without the usual shipping hassles.
  • Versatile Banner Stands and Table Covers: Enhance your exhibit with our range of printing options, designed to capture and convey the essence of your brand with fidelity and flair.

The Giant Printing Advantage: A Cut Above the Rest

Our unique two-step printing process sets us apart, offering unparalleled control over color, sharpness, and detail – think of it as the difference between high-definition digital and outdated analog. This commitment to quality ensures your SXSW exhibit is not just seen, but unforgettable.

Don’t just show up to SXSW – stand out with Giant Printing. Our commitment to quality, detail, and success ensures your exhibit is the highlight of the event. Connect with us today and let’s make this SXSW your most memorable yet.