Houston Trade Show Fabric Backdrops, Banners, Table Covers, and Displays

Custom Backdrops for Houston Trade Shows

Houston trade shows are great opportunities to meet new potential business partners and connect with potential customers, and a professionally printed trade show banner, backdrop, tablecloth, or popup trade show banner can help make a great visual impression on event attendees.

Giant Printing Bar Height Cover

Giant Printing offers Houston trade show and event presenters professionally printed fabric displays for increased brand visibility and higher engagement levels at industry events. We use a specialized process aimed at helping Houston trade show and convention presenters stand out from the crowd with high-quality fabric displays. If your Houston brand needs a new trade show banner, backdrop, or any other printed display, Giant Printing can make it happen with surprising additional benefits.

Printed Fabric Backdrops for Your Next Trade Show or Event

High-quality printed backdrops can make your trade show booth outshine the other presenters at your next Houston trade show or convention. If you have ever used a vinyl backdrop before, you probably recall how frustrating it can be to fit a vinyl banner to a provided booth using grommets and other clunky fasteners. This setup time cuts into the time you have to present your products and services to event attendees.

custom printed backdrop by giant printing in Texas
30’x10′ Custom Backdrop Houston

The fabric backdrops produced by Giant Printing come with custom-fitted hardware, meaning your trade show team can set up the backdrop within five minutes. Instead of fighting a clunky vinyl display full of unsightly creases and folds, your wrinkle-resistant fabric backdrop from Giant Printing sets up easily within minutes. We also provide a carrying case with every backdrop we create that allows for easy transport and storage.

Why Giant Printing Uses Fabric Instead of Vinyl

For many years, trade show and convention presenters have considered vinyl displays the accepted standard. However, vinyl is bulky, creases easily, and will eventually start to chip and peel. Some printing companies may create visually impressive vinyl banners and other printed displays, but these will only last for a few event appearances before they start showing wear and tear. Our fabric displays do not chip, peel, crack, or develop stubborn folds.

Giant Printing uses high-quality fabric that is wrinkle-resistant, fire-retardant, and lightweight. Transporting your event displays is easy thanks to our custom carrying cases that fit easily within your luggage or vehicle. Thanks to the grommet-less construction of our fabric displays, setup only takes minutes, streamlining every one of your event appearances so you can focus more time and attention toward increasing your brand’s visibility.

High-Quality Fabric Banners for Houston Business Events

Giant Printing can help you increase awareness of your brand during your next convention or trade show with a standing banner that’s easy to transport and easy to set up and teardown. Every fabric banner we produce comes with specialized hardware and a custom-fitted carrying case. You won’t need to worry about the hassle of grommets and other fasteners with a vinyl banner ever again.

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Our fabric banners are also the perfect choice for outdoor events. Should the weather take a turn for the worse and soil your banner, our fabric is machine washable so you can have your fabric banner looking new again in the time it takes to finish a standard small load of laundry.


If you have tables at your event presentation space, these are the best places to start conversations with potential customers, display your products, and arrange freebies and brand brochures for attendees. Giant Printing will work closely with your team to create a boldly colored tablecloth that won’t wrinkle or develop crease lines. Vinyl table displays rarely conform to table shapes correctly, often developing bulky folds that minimize the appearance of the printed image. High-quality fabric tablecloths from Giant Printing are fire retardant, wrinkle resistant, and fold easily into the provided carrying case for easy transport and storage.

backdrop and table wrap
Backdrop and Table Wrap

Pop-Up Trade Show Displays for Houston Companies

Pop-up displays allow for quick and easy presentation for a wide variety of business events, from industry conventions to trade shows and networking events. Whether your marketing team travels throughout Texas or all over the country, Giant Printing can develop a high-quality pop-up trade show display that transports easily and sets up within minutes.

Sustainable Banner Stands
Banner Stand and Table Cover

Houston’s One-Stop for Printed Event Displays

The Giant Printing team strives to provide our customers with everything they need to maximize their trade show and convention success. We can faithfully recreate your brand imagery and use vibrant colors for your trade show backdrop, event banner, tablecloth, or pop-up display that transports easily and sets up within minutes.

Don’t struggle with outdated vinyl displays that only last for a few events before they start showing wear and tear. Fabric displays from Giant Printing last for years without cracking, peeling, or chipping. While other presenters fight with their outdated vinyl displays your presentation team can start landing new conversions and making new connections within minutes.

Contact Giant Printing today for more information about our fabric printing process or for a free quote. We’re confident that once you see the quality of our fabric backdrops, banners, tablecloths, and pop-up displays, you’ll never want to use any other printed display ever again.