Hi Giant! The show turned out great and the [ 3qtr Grommet-Free Backdrop] sign looked fantastic. Very well-branded but really homemade and awesome. Thanks so much for your help! We love Giant.

Aurora – Austin, TX

Yes, we got [the fabric backdrop] in time and we are very happy with it! Keep in contact with me because we will probably do a new one of these for our 2014 trade show season as well. Thanks for everything!

Erica – Penfield, NY

[Did you receive the fabric sample?]Just got it – thank you! Quite impressive the color that you can get on this fabric.

Angelique – Kirkland, WA

[Did you like the Pantone Table Throw?] We think it’s great and I think client will feel the same! If you didn’t notice, I was worried about what the end result would be. Very nice custom color.

Davina – New York, NY

The banners turned out way nicer than I have expected. Thanks! We will stay in touch for the next show.

Corby – New Branfels, TX

We did received the backdrops and they look wonderful, thank you so much!

Lindsey – Amarillo, TX

[Did you receive the backdrop?]Yes we did. With us in SFO (San Francisco Show). Looks great. Will take a picture when the booth is set up. You did an excellent job and you can use us as a reference

Gerard – Jackson Hole, WY

We received the [Grommet-Free Backdrop], and the fabric looks great! Overall we really like final product (and the mini backpack that came along with it is very convenient!). Thanks so much!

Kristina – Fresno, CA