4 Features Our Backdrops have that Make Your Life Easy!

How you present yourself and your company is critical to your success. Backdrops re-enforce your brand. Our American made backdrops are color accurate, vibrant and crisply printed. Giant Printing feels confident that we'll exceed your expectations - not just in quality, but how hassle free your new backdrop is to use.

You Gotta Need for Speed!

Backdrop in Travel Bag

Setting up backdrops can be time consuming using hooks. Grommet-Free backdrops change that dramatically. Not only in appearance, but in a matter of minutes, you'll have your backdrop set up using the exhibitor supplied Pipe & Drape! WATCH VIDEO

Mobile, Agile and In Style Backdrops!

These superior high density fabric backdrops are portable. You can fold your backdrops up in a bag or suitcase! Now you just saved a 'truck load' on shipping because you can carry them with you to all your shows. These fabric backdrops are lightweight, wrinkle resistant and are initially shipped to you for considerably less!

Want Low Maintenance Backdrops?

Not only are the fabric backdrops durable, giving you a huge ROI with repeated use, your backdrop is machine washable, can be steamed just like a collared shirt or a party dress, and will still be NON-REFLECTIVE. So unlike Vinyl, no hot spots in your photos or TV images!

10' Grommet-FreeGiant Fabric Backdrop

10' x 8' Grommet-Free Backdrop

3qtr Grommet-FreeGrommet Free

10' x 6' Grommet-Free Backdrop

10' Portable DisplayAdjustable Display

Optional Hardware For Backdrops

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The Right Way and Wrong Way to have Smokin' Backdrops!

You just closed a deal then notice your competitor across from you is taking down his backdrop hours early. Turns out "Fire Marshall Bill" told them their backdrops weren't NFPA compliant. You quietly smile, just as your next prospect walks up, knowing your cutting-edge Photography Backdrop fabrics are fire retardant, meeting or exceeding the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 701.