Read What Customers Are Saying About Giant Printing

Mel  – Lawrenceville, GA
“[Your file looks good to go] Excellent – thank you for letting me know. And I’m glad Howard is picky. So am I!! You all have taken great care of us. Appreciate that very much. LOVE to find new companies that have great products and customer service – and we’re very loyal to them. ”

Kent  – Mississauga, Ontario Canada
“Howard, I have to tell you how impressed I am with the recent Grommet Free Backdrops we received.  Not only did you get you them printed and delivered to me for my show on short notice but the ease of use and the quality of the fabric and graphics are spectacular.  We have never had such true skin tones on this type of medium before.  We couldn’t be happier and hope to order more in the near future. Thank you again for a great job.”

Doug S  – Madison Heights, MI
“Yes our show [in Las Vegas] went well, and the [20′ Grommet-Free] backdrop looked and worked out great,  last year we had a fabric banner printed, and it was very poor resolution on a very heavy fabric…  your banner was very light weight and very good resolution and super simple to hang. Thank you very much, and we will use you in the future.  I will try to send you some photos”

Dan  – Madison, WI
“I just wanted you to know we love the [Grommet-Free] backdrop you made for us. We used it for 2 shows the past two weeks and it has paid for itself. No shipping cost to the shows, looks better than most other 10 x 10 booths and so easy to put up. We had another exhibitor come over and compliment us on it and I gave him your number.”

Rene  – Buffalo, TX
“We absolutely loved the [3qtr] backdrop you created for us.  The quality exceeded our expectations.  Thanks and we will keep you in mind for future needs.”

Sam – Las Vegas, NV
“Your backdrop concept is F**KING FANTASTIC! I handed out a few cards. What a dream. Up in 5 minutes and down in 2. When my business associate saw me he said, “Where the display? I thought you were going to bring it.’ I held up my hand and said, “It’s in the bag!’ If you ever need a testimonial – come see me.”

Annie – Rutherford, NJ
“First of all, your product is truly amazing. From its compactness, to the quality of the printing, to those little clips, it was all that I had ever hoped for in a backdrop! I was a little nervous putting the clips on—but they proved mighty!  The printing was top notch, the whites white and the blacks black, really impressive. The [ 3 Grommet-Free Backdrops] images really stood out but virtually took up no space. It is my dream backdrop!! We were able to fit so much in our booth without having to sacrifice 30 linear feet to a pop-up.”

Karen – Sacramento, CA
“The [2-sided] banner looks great, I have attached pictures for you.  Working on getting one for each of our branches.  I will be calling you for more banners, once I get approval. Thanks so much,”

Kris – McKeesport, PA
“The [20′ Grommet-Free] backdrop exceeded my expectations.  I was very impressed by the quality of the material and the deep colors. I’m sure it will be a hit at our show next week.  I will definitely have pictures of it and will send one or two to you. Thank you again for you cooperation and fast turn around time.”

Jim – Bozeman, MT
“The 3 qtr Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop] worked great this year. So much lighter and more travel friendly than our other booths.”

Rosemari – Ursy, Switzerland
“Switzerland take out the word banner after your banner 20′ Grommet-Free Backdrop] and [2 Eco Throw] table cloths look great. We gave gotten nothing but compliments.”

Warren – Katoomba, Australia
“Hi Ruth, Just a quick note to say we were extremely happy with the [10′ Photographic backdrop] banner you made for us.  Truly great product executed perfectly.”

Lauren – Richmond, VA
“I just got the [podium] banner and it looks great – we are very pleased! I will make sure to take a picture of it in action at our annual meeting and send it your way.Thank you!”

Fran – Thomaston, ME
“Hello Ruth and the whole team at Giant. Attached is a photo of one of our salespeople, Patricia, at our booth at the Texas Library Association—and in front of the beautiful backdrop you created for us. It attracted a lot of attention and received many compliments. Thank you for doing such a great job!”

Isabel – San Diego, CA
“Hi Ruth, first off, I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome job you did on our [Fabric Backdrop] banner. We brought it to the Food Expo earlier this month and received many compliments about our booth! Thank you!!!”

Shanna – Pittsford, NY
“Hello! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a beautiful product! The [20′ Photographic Fabric] backdrop looks fantastic! Thanks again!”

Deborah – San Fansico , CA
“Eveyone loved the [Eco] Table Cloths.”

Robbie – New Wilmington, PA
“Hi, they [Trade Show Fabric Backdrops] are awesome! Everyone loved them! Great colors! ”

Kristin – Austin , TX
“Hi! SXSW was amazing for us.  We set a national record with the average number of checkouts per day with 10.1, beating the old record from NYC at 7.2! Lots of other big days for us too, but that one’s getting national attention! Attached are some pics of the tent.  Our corporate office was quite impressed and is asking for updates from us on the wear and tear through the next few months. They think the material will hold up well for us, much better than others they’ve seen! Thanks for all your help!”

Warren – New South Wales, Australia
“Just about to get on a flight to Frankfurt Germany for trade show.  I will take some photos of our wonderful banner and send them to you”

Marcela – Brooklyn, NY
“It all went super well! Thank you! I have attached some pictures were you can see the backdrop in action!”

Deb – Boca Raton, FL
“The [3 qtr Backdrops] look great, by the way! Very pleased with how they came out!”

Michelle – Tallahassee, FL
“Yes we got them [Podium Banner & Fabric Backdrop], and they look great! Will send pix next week”

Glenda – Carlsbad, CA
“Hi Ruth – We are working on another one [Fabric Backdrop] already – for an upcoming show.  You can use us as a reference as a satisfied customer. We designed our handout around it – it was all well done. Thanks!!!”

Keith – Surry, Virginia
“The new backdrop arrived and I just wanted to say thanks for an amazing job. When it comes to promotional materials, food show supplies, etc., there can always be a few question marks when working with a new vendor (especially out of state), and the team at Giant Printing did not disappoint!

Jaime – Cape Girardeau, MO
“Yes, we received the fabric banner and it looks great!  I’ll send a pic when we have it up.”

Susan – Salinas, CA
“Thank you again for helping with the last minute rush. I had a local company do a fabric backdrop for an event a few weeks ago, and it just wasn’t the same quality as yours. So thanks to you and Howard.”

Christina – Austin, Texas
“We’d like to reorder another 6′ [Pantone] tablecloth. The client was so happy with it they wanted another one!”

Todd  – Seguin, Tx
“We just received it [Fabric Backdrop] and it looks great! We will send over some pictures of us at the show. Thanks again for putting this together.”

The banner if absolutely beautiful and I look forward to putting it use at the Va Food & Beverage Expo in March.., and Florida in April.., and New York in June.., etc., etc., etc. Think you get the idea. Love the quality, the packing, the ease of transport, and most of all the customer service provided during the entire process.

I know we hit you with multiple questions, emails and phone calls, and you guys were there from start to finish to make sure we got exactly what we were looking for. No matter the business it always comes back to service, and you guys knocked it out of the park! Thanks again and I look forward to working with again in the future.”

Beck – River Falls, WI
“We absolutely love our [3 10ft Grommet-Free] backdrop[s] — we’ve had our best looking booth so far, and we think it’s because of the backdrop. Thanks so much!”

Ron – Tenafly, NJ
“Thanks Ruth, the show was excellent and the banner looked great!”

Tracey– Naples, FL
“Thanks we just received the Fabric Backdrop.  It looks fantastic. I will be using it next month and will send you a photo. Thanks!”

Tony – Naples, FL
“Great experience with Giant Printing and would highly recommend.”

Kim – Richfield, OH
“Please find an attached picture of our [Fabric] backdrop. It worked out great for the event.”

Rudy – Naples, FL
“Love the banner guys.”

Colleen – Readfield, ME
” We received them [Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop] and they are GORGEOUS! The color is beautiful and excellent.  The writing is crisp and clear, and best of all our QR code works so it’s everything we needed and looks amazing.  Our show is this week, and I’m told we’ll take some pictures to be able to share with you! Thanks again! You’ll definitely be the first company we come to with banner needs from now on, and we’ll be sure to talk you up word of mouth if anyone asks us where we got it or if they’re looking for banners. I appreciate your customer service as well.  It has been refreshingly helpful and prompt!”

Tim – NY, NY
” I am a three or four time customer of Giant Printing and have actually purchased and regularly use the 10ft. backdrop and 4’ and 6 ft. customized table tops. I’m a big fan. Please send my regards to Howard.”

Brian – San Francisco, CA
”The banner [20′ Backdrop] turned out great, thanks! Here is a photo from the event.”

Alex – Huntington Beach, CA
”We received package and it [20′ Grommet-Free Backdrop] looks great!
Thank you for exceeding our expectations. Have a good day”

Dante – Graton, CA
”It’s been an absolute joy every time we’ve used Giant printing. Your quality far exceeds anything we’ve used in the past, and I will continue to recommend your firm for all of our banners, tablecloths, etc. needs in the future. I have requested pictures, I’ll pass them along once I receive them.”

Donna – Durango, CO
”We have received it [Fabric Banner] and we LOVE it!  It looks awesome, your printing quality is great.  I will try to get some pictures for you, our first show is next month.  Thanks so much.”

Marily – Oceanside, CA
”Thank you so much, the backdrop looks great.”

Sam – Washington D.C.
”Hi Sasha, it [Table Top Display] has arrived and it looks great!  We love it.”

Tracy – Portland, OR
”[Our Photogtaphic 3qtr Backdrop] looks Great! :)”

Dina – San Francisco, CA
”Thank you. I appreciate your speed of delivery. We’ll get you a pic, indeed!”

Francine – Cochrane, Alberta Canada
”Thank you for your email. We were very pleased with the end result of your [photo backdrop] product. We will certainly keep you in mind for future projects.”

Samantha – Dominican Republic
”Just wanted you to know that the [20′ Grommet-Free] backdrop was wonderful. Everyone liked it. So that being said, we are considering doing a few more. I will send over graphics soon.”

Niki – Cleveland, OH
”Just opened it up and it {Fabric Backdrop} looks amazing!! Thanks for working with us on this and getting us it so quickly. You really are easy to do business with! Thanks again”

Brittany – Austin, TX
”The [Alumiframe] sign looks fantastic thanks for getting this done, we are all very happy with the work you did.”

Olivia – Salinas, CA
”We’ve really liked the simplicity of our [10′ Grommet-Free] backdrop, we are ordering an additional one but with a different design.”

Kathy – Jasper, IN
”We were very pleased with [Photo Backdrop] it. I have attached a picture”

Jim – Carlsbad, CA
”Just wanted to tell you the [trade show] backdrop is AWESOME!!!! Again, Howard, GREAT JOB!!!”

Eric – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
”Yes, we have received the [Mural] table throw, and it looks great. Thank you for your excellent service as always.”

Anna – San Francisco, CA
”Hi Sasha! Thank you, we got it [10’ Grommet-Free Photography Backdrop] yesterday and it looks wonderful. Definitely will send you photos afterwards. Thank you for your great help!”

Melinda– Lawrenceville, GA
“I just got it [10′ fabric Backdrop] and it looks fantastic!! Really nice job. I cannot wait to put it up – it’s really going to give us a great presence at the show and the bonus is that I can pop it in my suitcase!

So glad you all reached out to me and I’ll be recommending you to other vendors! Thanks and have a great weekend.”

Steve – Addison, TX
”Yes, we Just got it [10’Grommet-Free Backdrop]. Thanks so much. It looks great. Will send a picture from the trade show. Thanks for everything.”

Richard – Newburgh, NY
”Very happy how it [20′ Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop] came and super easy to put up! Thanks”

Tiffany – Bastrop, TX
“Hello Howard, I just wanted to let you know that we received the banner and it looks great!”

Dennis – Takoma Park, NY
“It [2 Grommet-Free Backdrops] looks great…lot of compliments. [Attached] is a little better picture of our booth. Your backdrops really made a difference in “classing up” our look! Please feel free to use us as a reference, as we were more than satisfied with your product. I think your affordable prices will make it possible for us to create a new look annually.”

Sharon – Sheffield, MA
”Our [Grommet-Free] banner just arrived and it’s gorgeous!! Thank you so much!”

Jim – Bozeman, MT
”We did receive them [3qtr Backdrops] and they look great! Thanks for doing them so quickly.”

Aurora – Austin, TX
”I am no longer in charge of these types of orders within our company, but I have forwarded your email to our new marketing and communications person, along with my recommendation of your shop and the good experiences I’ve had with your team. ”

Miles – Bayswater, Australia
”The [20′ backdrop] banner is great, looked fantastic, easy to install, easy to carry. We will have it at Frankfurt this week.”

Linda – Glendale, CA
“Yes, we received all our items.  I can’t tell you and Howard how pleased we are with the outcome.  Each piece is beautiful and professional.  Very high quality. Thank you – our booth will look great next week!”

Clay – Webster, TX
“It [Grommet-Free Backdrop] looks great!!! I’ll make sure and take some pictures and send them over. I would be more than happy to be a reference for you. You’re more than welcome to send people to our booth, #3369, or have them contact me.”

Steve – Wellington, New Zealand
“I finally used the banners and throw in FL, USA. I only saw them for the first time this week. They are awesome. I can tell you they looked 100 times better than any other banners. Thank you very much. I might get some more – updates –soonish.”

Suzanne– Augustine, FL
“Thanks for the follow up email [Ruth]. I will get a photo to you when I receive it from my customer. They were extremely happy with the [Grommet-Free] backdrop. It took them all of 7 minutes to install it at the trade show and it looked great! I will definitely recommend your company to others and use you in the future.”

Susan – Austin, TX
“Thank you for your patience and hard work, they [Roll-Up Displays] are beautiful and yes they will get lots of use. They are both unfurled right now in the office.”

Angelique – Kirkland, WA
“We love the backdrop – just opened the box this weekend. Its beautiful and I will recommend Giant to people for sure!”

Veronique – Washington, DC
“Aspen said the displays are a total hit! So they seem very happy with them. They sent along the following photos and we think they look great as well.”

Wendy – Takoma Park, MD
“Thanks, we love the backdrop!”

Rachel – Austin, TX
“Thanks so much for your follow up email last month after TFN’s EPIC Evening. The event was  a great success and the [Jumbo] pull-up banner was perfect for the evening’s festivities. I’ve attached a photo for your reference of our featured speaker Bill Nye the Science Guy and a committee member. We very much enjoyed working with you and will definitely be in touch in the future for additional printing needs. Happy New Year!”

Melinda – Fort Worth, TX
“Will do Ruth:)  And thank you for your quick response.  I will have to agree…your company does do great work and I’m sure people notice everywhere one of your creations is taken.  The one I saw belonged to my neighbor vendor who sold pretzels.  While she had her backdrop up and down in minutes, we were fighting with our heavy banner and trying to level it and as you can imagine, it becomes quite frustrating.  My neighbor told me all about your company even showing me the small bag it folded up to fit into.  It was amazing. I knew I had to contact you to get specifics:)  I will call Howard in a little while.  Thanks again!”

Jake – Parker, CO
“We’re excited.  It [Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop] looks great! Thanks for all your help!”

Chris – Sheffield, UK
“We got the fabric banner today, and it looks fantastic. Thanks so much for the quick and excellent work.”

Sandy – Wichita Falls, TX
“They are heading to the show as we speak, once I get pictures I will forward to you.  We thought the [Grommet-Free] backdrop was awesome!!!!!!”

Colleen – Readfield, ME
“Our event went really well! Everyone was impressed and asking for who did our [Grommet-Free] banner! Here’s a picture of it in action -you could see it from all angles of the show. A great eye catching piece of work for us!”

Jessica – Pearl River, NY
“Perfect. I wasn’t there personally, but the feedback from my bosses is that [the backdrop] set up took 5 minutes, was quick and easy…easy to travel with…and everything looked beautiful. They were very happy with the purchase. Thank you.”

Linda – Buffalo Grove, IL
“I did receive it [Pantone Table Throw] and we love it! I meant to write last Friday when I got it. I will take a few pics at the trade show. It is packed and headed to New York. Thanks again for such a beautiful job.”

Anna – Ukraine, Kyiv
“Thank you very much! We got everything and it looks amazing! Really like quality, colours and everything! Appreciate your support and timely responses. Will be glad to give my feedback if you need it for you site or future customers.”

Crystal – Austin, TX
“Our event was incredible and we received so many compliments on our [mural] table throw.”

Mary – Austin, TX
“Thanks so much for the banners – that was really sweet of you to get them ready by Monday.  They are really beautiful and will come in handy for years to come! Thank you so much, Howard, I really appreciate all your help!  You really ARE the best!”

Terry – Houston, TX
“We received the [Eco] Table Throw and it looks great. Thanks to everyone there.”

Anna – San Francisco, CA
“Hi Ruth! Thank you for asking! We got banner on Friday, it looks fantastic, thank you for the timely and qualitative work!!”

Constantin – Peekskill, NY
“The service was excellent, the quality of my [Premium Roll-Up] banner is excellent.  I will try to send you some pictures.”

Carlos – Glendale, AZ
“Here are some pics from the shows. Thank you very much all was good, Cheers Carlos”

Belinda – Del Rio, Tx
“Received the [Pantone Table] covers today…. Very very NICE!!! Super impressed!! Thank you…We will for sure give you more business!! ”

Megan – Atascadero, CA
“Love it [Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop]! Can’t wait to Velcro it up and see how it works for us!”

Daniel – Austin, TX
“Giant Printing must dabble in magic too. Y’all really pulled this off for us. I appreciate it very much!”

Sylvia – Alexandria, VA
“Wonderful! Thank You for all of your help with this project [Fabric Pop-Up]. You will definitely be my first choice for anything else like this that comes along.”

Don – Ottumwa, IA
“We will take pictures. Everyone does like them [backdrops] very much!

Roger – Ottawa, OH
“Yes it [3qtr Backdrop] arrived . Look nice Thank You.”

Ryan – Port Vila, VANUATU, South Pacific
“The [Grommet-Free] backdrop looks great. My neighbour immediately asked me about it and I have passed on your details. Please find a photo attached.”

Karen – Tempe, FL
“Thank you so much! We love [the Eco Table Throw]! We will probably get another one soon.”

Ken  Arlington, Va
“It [Eco Throw] turned out great. Thanks for your professional work.”

Cee Burlingame, CA
“Our event is this weekend and we will take pictures and send them to you.  We are very happy with your work.”

Vergie – Tracys Landing, MD
“It [Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop] arrived, looks beautiful”

Chon – Tampa, FL
“Thank you guys for producing phenomenal products [Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop, Eco Table Throw, Premium Banner Display] and staying on me to ensure we met our deadline!! :)”

Kristen – Philadelphia, PA
“The banner [Half Grommet-Free Backdrop] arrived in time and worked great! The show was extremely successful and I was able to use the banner to reference some of our software output features.”

Pam – Bixby, OK
“I did and it [Premium Banner Display and Grommet-Free Backdrop] looks great!

Christopher – Solana Beach, CA
“Thanks so much, that sounds awesome. I love that you guys are constantly improving your products.”

Anna – San Francisco, CA
“Thank you a lot for your service, we are very satisfied with the quality and the speed. Please find below some photos :)!

David – Carpinteria, CA
“We received the Table Runner, it looks great!”

Laurenz – Hopkinton, MA
“Attached a picture of the booth. The [Mural Table Throw & Grommet-Free] backdrop was put together without a hitch and displayed beautifully. Thanks so much for your help”

Cody – San Angelo, TX
” They [ 2 Table Runners] look great! I’ll be sending you more business shortly. Thanks for the great service!”

Kristen – Austin, TX
“We love it! [ Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop & Eco Table Throw]”

Tara – New York, NY
“I received the Fabric [Podium] Banner and it looks great! Thanks so much. I look forward to using this at our event.”

Jolly – Texarkana, TX
“Yes, we did receive our banner. It looks great! Thank you for such prompt service and we will take pictures in July.”

Erik – Vancouver, BC
“The backdrop is working great. Receiving lots of compliments and questions around it. People usually ask where it was printed, so we give them your info.”

Kim – San Francisco, CA
” You guys are awesome! We did [ get the Fabric Banners ] and just confirmed that everything is as it should be. Thanks again for all your help!”

John – Honolulu, HI
“We received the backdrop yesterday and it looks great! Thanks again for the rush!”

Blake – Austin, TX
“Thanks so much for the help. The booth turned out great and we appreciate your assistance in getting it that way. We’ll definitely tap you on the shoulder in the future. I’ll have to come by and meet you guys sometime soon when I am in your area.”

Donna – Round Rock, TX
“I am so impressed!  Can’t wait to see it! You guys are amazing!”

Stockton – Fort Worth, TX
“Hey, thanks again for the great work on the [Pantone Throw] Table Cover. We received lots of compliments.”

Adam – Rockwall, TX
“The backdrop looks great – I am actually using it at a conference this weekend!”

Laurenz – Hopkinton, MA
“It [Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop] does draw attention. It really turned out nicely. We’re happy. Thanks again!”

Stephanie – Memphis, TN
Yes, received [Pantone Table Throw] and I loved the little bags they came in!!

Justine – Washington, D.C.
“We received the banners last week and they look great! We’ll definitely be in touch if we need any further signage!”

Ben – Lovell, WY
” The Eco Table Throw arrive today. It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much we all love the look.”

Amanda – Eau Claire, WI
[Did the banner work out for you for Earth Day?] “Yes we are getting students to sign it as we speak! We love it!”

Wendy – Takoma Park, MD
“A million thanks for the fabulous backdrop. Super easy to install looks GREAT!”

Susan – Salinas, CA
“The event was great. Thank you for asking and the follow up. Here are a few booth pictures. The 1st one is the London show. Then the Food Service show in Monterey and the United show in Chicago. We all love the fabric backdrops. They were easy to use and ship. We got lots of compliments, so a job well done! Suzi”

Tim – New York, NY
“I’ve purchased all my banners, table displays and backdrops from Giant Printing. I am a big fan and never hesitate to recommend you folks.”

Marilyn – Salinas, CA
[I just wanted to check that you received your Grommet-Free Fabric Backdrop] “Yes we received it and it looks great”

Joel – Argyle, TX
“Got it [2 Grommet-Free Backdrops] Lindsay!  Looks great too.  On the home stretch getting ready for the show.”

Cassi – Las Vegas, NV
“[The Grommet-Free Backdrop] came out so beautiful. We are very impressed and will be back for additional work in the future!”

Eric – Carol Stream, IL
“We did receive [the Grommet-Free Backdrop], and it looks great.  I was surprised how compact it was.”

Eric – Tyler, TX
“The event went great and the booth looked great — I’ll try to send pictures..”

Roger – Cerritos, Ca
“I got the package this morning [at the hotel] and set up with table for EXPO tomorrow. It looks great!  Thanks!”

Brandynn – Dublin TX
[Did the Eco Throw work out for you?] Yes, it turned out great! I’ll forward you a picture from our event at Clark Gardens Spring Festival.

Paul – Menlo Park, CA
“[The 4′ Pantone Table Runner] came out perfect. Thanks!”

Kristin – Austin, TX
“Attached are some pictures of the booth set up with the new [Grommet-Free] backdrop and [Eco] table skirt.  We are loving them so far and getting a great reaction from runners.”

Lee – Beachwood, OH
We just got around to opening it [Grommet-Free Backdrop] up this afternoon.  The boss absolutely loved it.  It came out very well.  A nice product.  Thanks.

Lily – New York, NY
[Did the 2-sided Banner Roll-Up Work out for you?] “We actually ended up only rolling up one side but we loved the two-sided feature.  It was nice to have that flexibility in the end.”

Julia – Seattle, WA
“We just received the [fabric] banner and it looks great! Thank you for your quick service.  We will definitely be in touch when additional needs arise.”

Delinda – Austin, TX
“[The Pantone Table Runner] was perfect. You all did such a good job and it’s just what we wanted/needed. Thanks so much.”

Erik – Vancouver, BC
“Overall [the Fabric Backdrop] received great feedback. Thank you. We will be printing one more in a different style this week.”

Eric – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
“Thanks Lindsay [for the Premium Table Throws]! It’s a pleasure working with you guys as always.”

Ashley – Austin, TX
“Thank you for doing the [roll-up displays] so efficiently. They look great!! Thank you again for your help!”

Julie – Austin, TX
“I just wanted to let you know that the [Grommet-Free] banner and table throw you made for us were AWESOME!  They were so easy to transport and really caught people’s eye at the trade show this week.”

Jenny – Penn Valley, CA

Tonya – Eau Claire, WI
“We got the [Grommet-Free] banners and they look great! I’m very happy with how clear and vibrant the text is specifically with no rough edges. It’s always scary to try new vendors, but I’m glad we gave Giant Printing a chance. More business coming your way!”

Craig – Austin, TX
“[The Eco Table Throw] was great.  Made a big difference for the DJ that was working the table. He loved it and it does capture people’s attention which is what it is supposed to do.”

Kristina – Fresno, CA
“We received the [Grommet-Free Backdrop], and the fabric looks great! Overall we really like final product (and the mini backpack that came along with it is very convenient!). Thanks so much!”

Gerard – Jackson Hole, WY
[Did you receive the backdrop?] “Yes we did. With us in SFO (San Francisco Show). Looks great. Will take a picture when the booth is set up. You did an excellent job and you can use us as a reference”

Lindsey – Amarillo, TX
“We did received the backdrops and they look wonderful, thank you so much!”

Corby – New Branfels, TX
“The banners turned out way nicer than I have expected. Thanks! We will stay in touch for the next show.”

Davina – New York, NY
[Did you like the Pantone Table Throw?] We think it’s great and I think client will feel the same! If you didn’t notice, I was worried about what the end result would be. Very nice custom color.

Angelique – Kirkland, WA
[Did you receive the fabric sample?] “Just got it – thank you! Quite impressive the color that you can get on this fabric.”

Erica – Penfield, NY
“Yes, we got [the fabric backdrop] in time and we are very happy with it! Keep in contact with me because we will probably do a new one of these for our 2014 trade show season as well. Thanks for everything!”

Aurora – Austin, TX
“Hi Giant! The show turned out great and the [ 3qtr Grommet-Free Backdrop] sign looked fantastic. Very well-branded but really homemade and awesome. Thanks so much for your help! We love Giant.”

Tim – San Diego, CA
“We got the banner [stand] and we love it! We are looking forward to working with you guys in the near future.”

Eddie – Austin, TX
It [Eco Table Throw] worked great!

Ann – Naples, FL
“[The podium banner] turned out great! Thanks so much for your help.”

Marisela – Miami, FL
“The table runner was great! Thank you so much. You guys do outstanding work!”

Michael – Ann Arbor, MI
“The [One Minute] Backdrop was delivered and looks GREAT! :)  We are very happy with how it turned out.  You guys do an excellent job! Thanks again for all of your help, you guys were great to work with!”

Amber – Dallas, TX
“[The table runner] looks great. Thank you!!”

Tara – Claremore, OK
“We got the backdrops, they look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!”

Tammy – Newport Beach, CA
“Thanks so much for a great table [throw] and delivering on-time! Thanks also for your good planning when we scrambled!  We will be using you again for sure.”

Charlie – Bethesda, MD
“I just received the [Pantone] Table Throw this morning and it looks great! We love the fabric banner – it got here just before the hurricane hit. The quality of the print is outstanding and the way you set up the Velcro worked perfectly.”

Katy – Washington, DC
“We got the banners yesterday and they look great! Thanks so much”

Kristy – Atlanta, GA
“[Our retail facility] got the table cover and they said it’s exactly what they were looking for, so thanks again for getting that taken care of us!!!”

Kimberly – Springdale, AR
“[The Premium Banner Display] looks great! You guys did a great job! Thank you! Hopefully after some fundraising I’ll be getting back with you about a table cloth.”

Fran – Richmond, NY
“[The 3 Qtr Backdrop is] Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Cannot thank you enough. Will certainly work together again and will recommend.”

Tracey – Naples, FL
“[Our Eco Throw] looks fantastic.  Great job.  We are so happy with the outcome!”

Megan – Austin, TX
“Everyone loves how great it [Table Skirt] turned out!!”

Roni – Lake City, FL
[Did you receive your podium banner?] “Yes and it is perfect. Thanks for working with me on this!”

Mindy – Simi Valley, CA
“The [two 10ft] backdrops came out awesome!! We won the best booth award [at the Atlanta show].”

John – Bozeman, MT
“I just returned from Seattle and the first two [Jumbo Banner Displays] worked great.”

Richard – Westborough, MA
“I got the backdrop and it looks wonderful.  Thanks so much.”

Crystal – Austin, TX
“The table runner looked great and we will keep you in mind for other projects.”

Marni – Fort Collins, CO
“The table runner is awesome. Use it all the time for markets and demos. I will certainly keep you in mind as we grow and need more displays.”

Jenni – Fresno, CA
“The table runners are great…thanks!”

Dante – Graton, CA
“The Banners arrived and they are beautiful. I remained impressed with the work Giant does.”

Kristina – Austin, TX
“Thanks so much! The table runner was perfect. So appreciate how quickly you guys were able to turn it.”

Tom – Paramount, CA
“I just got back from the Sysco Anaheim show using the 6-footer [Eco Throw] and received several compliments on thetablecloth and a request for information about where I got it done. I was pleased to give them your information. Thank you for your cooperation and service.”

Adam – Rockwall, TX
“Thanks for the follow up! Everything looks great!

Fumi – Torrance, CA
“Yes, we received [the table throw] and it looks good. Thank you.”

Victor – Philadelphia, PA
“I was meaning to email you to let you know that we did indeed get the items in time. I also wanted to let you know that we are VERY pleased with the quality. Thanks for checking in!”

Kelly – Indianapolis, IN
“Just wanted to reach out and let you know we received our banner displays and table runners today— they look GREAT!  Thanks so much, you guys were really great to work with!”

Kelly  – Reno, NV
“Thank you! The runner turned out great. Attached is a photo of our booth this week in Boston!”

Steve – Marble Falls, TX
[Did you get the banner?] “I sure did. We are all impressed with the quality and the turn around.
Well done! I look forward to working with you on other orders.”

Debby – Dallas, TX
“Yes, I did [receive the table cover]. It looks great! Thank you so much for working with me to get it done so quickly.  I really appreciate it and hope to work with you again when we’re able to spend some dollars on a larger display. Thanks again!”

Donna – Texarkana, TX
“We received our banners and they look great!”

Zeeshan – Atlanta, GA
“[The Fabric Backdrop and Jumbo Display Wall] turned out great. Thanks!”

Angelica – San Francisco, CA
“We have the tablecloth in hand — it looks beautiful!! Thanks again for such prompt and great service.”

Pete – Eldersburg, MD
“Yep I got [the table runner and banner display]. Looks great. Thanks.”

Valerie – Austin, TX
“I think it turned out really nice! Thank you again for all your assistance.”

Katie – Chicago Illinois
“We received [the Pantone Table Throw] yesterday. It looks great, thank you! I’ll make sure to take a photo and send to you.”

Craig – Austin Texas
“Yes, we received the banner display.  Everyone raved about it. Nice job!”

Sondra – Abbotsford, British Columbia
“I just opened the runners today and they are perfect! I look forward to using them at our next show. Thank you so much!”

Robert– Austin, TX
“The table cover worked very well. I felt that we had the most professional looking exhibit at the conference. Thank you for your help.”

Kelly– Austin, TX
“The last two eco banners displays we ordered from you guys were a huge success, and we’ve been bombarded with requests for more.”

Amy– Austin, TX
“YES, [we received the Mural Throw] thank you!  It looks AWESOME! Everyone here loves it, too – along with the designer!  Thanks so much – it was SO worth it!”

Stacy – Austin, TX
“The table throws are awesome! Everyone loves them and they’ve worked out great! Thank you so much. I’ll definitely come back to you all when any clients need items, and will refer you as well.”

Greg – Glen Burnie, MD
“The banners are great. Perfect for the show and thanks for turning the job around so quickly for us.”

Scott – Charlotte, NC
“We are extremely pleased with the results.  Fantastic job!!!”

Greg – Spring Mills, PA
“The backdrop was awesome, we had many comments from fellow exhibitors and even gave your business info to several. Thanks for turning the graphics and printing so quickly, you guys were a dream to work with! If we have any other large printing to do, we will most definitely use Giant Printing!”

Jens – Flower Mound, TX
“I have never experienced the level of speed and service I received at Giant. I was in a bind, pressed for time and had never previously ordered banners from them. They were prompt, helpful and delivered my banner in just three business days. The banner was the highest quality I had seen, and stood out at our trade show. Our business was bolstered due to the production quality and service of Giant, and I’ll be utilizing their services repeatedly.”

Donna – Round Rock, TX
“The standup banner you had printed was AWESOME! Many thanks for making that happen!”

Karyn – Arvada, CO
“For two years in a row, Giant Printing has been an excellent source for exhibit banners our company needed in a rush. Howard and Lindsay were professional, helpful, and went out of their way to suggest a product that was an outstanding addition to our booth presentation. Great quality, service and ease in ordering. I will definitely order from them in the future, and would highly recommend their company.”

Wendy– Dallas, TX
“My customer LOVED the Pantone Throw you produced for us….in fact they loved it so much they want to order 4 more!” ” You guys are amazing.”

Patti – Warren, NJ
“The quality is great – the fabric is just what I imagined it would be. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Sonia – Austin, TX
“The [Premium Roll-Up Display] banner has been wonderful thank you! We recently went to a conference in San Antonio and we definitely stood out thanks to the banner, we are very excited about it! We definitely will keep you in mind when we need more things printed, and will recommend you guys to our friends.”

Kim – Waco, TX
“Thanks for the fast turnaround and great service!”

Heather – Madison, WI
“Lindsay was a gentle saleswoman who provided all that we needed to make an informed decision about our banner purchase. The banner itself was vibrant and crisply printed. We couldn’t be happier.”

Phil – Austin, TX
“My band mates are impressed as hell and are looking at doing two more [banners for] cabinets and backdrop.”

Joshua – Birmingham, AL
“We are very grateful for the quick turnaround on those wonderful prints! You guys did a phenomenal job, and helped us make a great showing at SXSW. We’ll definitely look for opportunities to work with you in the future.”

Bill – Elgin, TX
“Had a small banner job that our company needed done, and Giant was referred to us by our graphics person. Needed a quick turn-around and they delivered even faster than we originally thought they would and the banner looks fabulous. Will certainly go back for additional work when the need arises. Also, ask for “Lindsay”, she is very professional, solutions focused & provides prompt feedback to questions. Would recommend Giant to others. Good Work Lindsay & Giant – Thank you!”

Regina – Salem, NH
“Thanks for making me look good! What can I say? Working with Howard and his crew was great. As the owner of a small eco-friendly company I searched far and wide for a company that would live up to my eco-standards for my expo materials. I needed a table cover and a banner. Howard explained all my options and explained everything from the materials to be used and the production. I was very satisfied to say the least.”

Mike – Easton, CT
“We received both banners and stands and have assembled them- they look perfect. Thank you again for all your help in making these a reality.”

Amelia – Bastrop, TX
“The banners we ordered in October are working really well! They are a great product!
We will definitely keep you in the stacks if we ever need anything printed in the future!”

Don – Hereford, TX
“Got the banner today and it is absolutely beautiful….really pops with our colors and looks great set up. Thanks again and I will be order another banner for me and one of our other companies….very soon.”

“Good morning , Howard. I think the banners are GORGEOUS!!!!! I couldn’t get over how beautiful they look, it is exactly what I wanted, thank you so much for the quality of work and being part of the “green” revolution! See you when I get back, I’m even more interested in the new fabrics now that I’ve seen your work.”

Jan Fischer Texas
“The folks at Giant Printing really went out of their way to make our trade show a big success, by not only delivering qualities banners, but for the attention to detail, and the care they gave me as a customer. I highly recommend them.”

Austin Texas
“I’ve been working with Howard for almost 10 years. Howard’s very dependable and he’s always willing to chat will me when I need help on new projects.”

Miami Florida
Hi Howard
“WE LOVE THE BANNERS! The show was great and our booth looked amazing! I sent your info to a Dallas Sports company as he loved the banners!”
Austin Texas

Wendy– Dallas, TX
“My customer LOVED the Pantone Throw you produced for us….in fact they loved it so much they want to order 4 more!.” “You guys are amazing.”

“Hi Howard-
The banner looked AMAZING! All the other vendors were quite jealous.  Thanks so much for all your help.
Thanks again!”
Austin Texas

Hey Sasha-
“The banner arrived today and it looks great! ”
Miami Florida

“Thanks a lot for delivering on time and the great work.”

Arlington Texas
“We do 4-5 shows per week… and two of them have your beautiful banners…. the others have crappy vinyl.”

Los Angles California

“Giant Printing was a huge part of our most recent event known in Los Angeles as Sportsagedon. With the prompt professional service our firm experienced from Giant Printing we were able to project a professional image amongst in a sea of much larger firms. Giant Printing delivered on time, they clearly over performed in every way. We will be ordering a set of banners from Giant Printing for our next indoor event at our Convention Center”.

Porter Ranch California
“The table cover was fantastic!!!”
Santa Monica California
“The tablecloth was PERFECT”

Nashville Tennesse
Lori – Hawkins, TX
“We are very pleased with our banner! It’s beautiful. Thank you for your fine

Katheryn – -Vista, CA
“I wanted to share a photo from our recent trade show. Our owner loved how quick it was to put up and take down.”

Todd – Sequin, TX
“Everything went great, and thank you guys for your help. We thought that the backdrop turned out great. I attached a picture of us at the show. The football theme at a clinical chemistry convention really drew some attention.”

What Others Are Saying

I will send some pictures when we are at our trade show in Vegas. Work very well at our trade show at the capital last week. Would highly recommend to anybody, great product great job thank you!
RickFowler, Michigan
Our premium roll-up display has just been delivered and it is AWESOME!I was just on the phone with Howard discussing something else I need -- you guys do fantastic work!
EricTyler, TX

Worked out great - we had a great show and the fastest setup and tear down I've ever had- thanks again!
TrevanActon, MA
I am a fan of your service and the backdrops. I really like this product for our shows. It shares a lot of information as a backdrop, it is very easy to install/uninstall and is lightweight/packs small for transporting.Keep up the great work. I think once vendors start seeing these ...
GeorgeLindsay CA
The Pantone Table Throw looks fantastic, very pleased with the quality. We will definitely be ordering more products in the future.
EdwinSan Antonio, TX
Our back wall fabric displays have been just delivered this morning. They look amazing we love the back wall. I wanted to send a quick thank you to the team for doing such a great job and such a fast turn around!
JenniferHudson, MA
I'm loving the new grommet-free system, it's superb. As a result, I no longer use the collapsible frame (8x8) that I originally bought with my backdrop. I don't know if you guys can reuse it or offer it at a discount to another customer, but it's in great shape and ...
ChrisSolana Beach, CA