As part of our overall commitment to conduct business in an environmentally friendly manner, Giant Printing continues to offer innovative and sustainable products and services to our customers. The cornerstone of that product offering is the Go-Green line of fabrics made from recycled plastic drink bottles. Go-Green fabrics are woven from post-consumer PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) fibers. The source for the PET is recycled plastic drink bottles. The process of recycling the bottles into fabric begins with sorting the bottles by color and the removal of any non-PET materials such as caps, bases and labels. The PET is then washed and ground into flake. The flake is heated and extruded into fiber which can be made into yarns of different types depending upon the type of fabric being made. The yarns are woven or knitted into fabrics which can be made into an infinite number of finished products. Our entire product line of Fabric Banners, Table Covers and Banners Stands can be produced with these fabrics. We appreciate your interest in working with Giant Printing and your support of our efforts to protect our environment.

What Others Are Saying

I will send some pictures when we are at our trade show in Vegas. Work very well at our trade show at the capital last week. Would highly recommend to anybody, great product great job thank you!
RickFowler, Michigan
Our premium roll-up display has just been delivered and it is AWESOME!I was just on the phone with Howard discussing something else I need -- you guys do fantastic work!
EricTyler, TX

Worked out great - we had a great show and the fastest setup and tear down I've ever had- thanks again!
TrevanActon, MA
I am a fan of your service and the backdrops. I really like this product for our shows. It shares a lot of information as a backdrop, it is very easy to install/uninstall and is lightweight/packs small for transporting.Keep up the great work. I think once vendors start seeing these ...
GeorgeLindsay CA
The Pantone Table Throw looks fantastic, very pleased with the quality. We will definitely be ordering more products in the future.
EdwinSan Antonio, TX
Our back wall fabric displays have been just delivered this morning. They look amazing we love the back wall. I wanted to send a quick thank you to the team for doing such a great job and such a fast turn around!
JenniferHudson, MA
I'm loving the new grommet-free system, it's superb. As a result, I no longer use the collapsible frame (8x8) that I originally bought with my backdrop. I don't know if you guys can reuse it or offer it at a discount to another customer, but it's in great shape and ...
ChrisSolana Beach, CA